Great movie.

i wish i could describe how it made me feel. all i kno is will smith once again did an awesome job and the plot was on point. it made me tear up a throughout the whole damn movie and even made me shed one tear lol. surprisingly hard cuz i dnt like it wen ppl cry doing movies. but this movie made me feel  him and feel like i could relate. all i kno is depending on how u look at it; it made me grateful that i can breathe without help. i can run because i have legs and hug ppl b.cuz i have arms. i want to love.




becuase i have the emotion to do it. not holding because im afraid to get hurt. whats life without risks?

its like practicing for sport. your gonna get hurt alot before you actually learn how to do it right. even then u may still get hurt but u kno the pain is nothing compared the blissfulness you felt wen u were doin it right. makes you wanna keep trying and dammit imma keep trying !

idk i kno i went waaay off topic but all in all. go pay tht $11.50 to see the movie. i cant tell you wut its about w.o givn it away so jus go see it.


Latoya said...


[$ H A R O N A] said...

it looks good even though you cant tell the plot by the previews thats how you know youre a big star. you can put up the most ambigious preview and still rake in the bucks.

iM.R0Ni said...

yea like the whole movie is about figurin out what the movie is about so if tell u wat its about its ruins the whole movie. lol krazy