Roni you tlk white...

no bitch...you jus tlk ignorant.


im srry but tht shit really irks me.

so i talk "white" b.cuz i actually pronounce all the syllables in my words? oh wait no i talk "white" b.cuz i actually sound like i have some common sense??

so for me to sound "black" i have to speak ebonics/ebonix [howevr u spell it] and use all this slang shit?

i think that is sooooo stupid. but i bet if your black and you go for a job interview you try to speak in your "whitest" tone evr huh??

idk i guess it different reading wat i write verses how i actually say the words b.cuz i kno u tell the way i say things. u see wat i say[think] now how i say it.

like they say its about presentation and delivery.

everyone i meet 1st impressions last a long time so i would like to get positive points first before digging myself into a hole.

another reason why i choose to speak "proper" is besides the fact my nani drilld me like crazy to speak correctly...... my name is Tyronica [tie-ron-ika] which i think is soo fckn ghetto. like can u imagine wut potential employers think wen they see my resume or application. lmao. shame ! yes the first line they see is Tyronica Monett Briggs. my name should be bekka or ashley, or Chelsea idk [some "white" shit]


Where's Waldo

i used to love this...

u can click on the image to make it bigger. dnt worry waldo is in this pic didnt take me more than 30sec to find him.

man i used to love this....



i got my xbox 360 !! yaaay !

currently playn sims 2

i'll blog more later...gotta play gotta play


i must've made a wrong turn somewhere

i woke up this morning as if it was a normal day. but it wasnt just a normal day.... it was a new day. new days always made me happy but i knew today i had real reason to be happy. every morning i drive to school and take the same streets....always...inglewood to imperial, drive dwn two or three miles...school on the left. but this time wen i hit the corner of my school...

the huge billboard that usually has a reminder to sign up for spring semester classes had this huge picture of this man named Barack Obama, announcing him as the 44th president of the united states...and for a second i felt like i was some crazy warped time zone because this was a very unfamiliar setting....

because when have i ever seen my presidents face seem to be so tanned tht i almost mis-took him for some black guy [with a little bit a swagg]. becuase we all kno its isnt possible for a black man to be president.

its weird because for the first time in my life i watch this whole politcal process and didnt feel the difference.

my harsh reality wouldnt let me grasp the historic change tht took place nov.4 this whole time i've been walking thru life not fully recognizing...then it took one big ass picture of PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA for me to stop and finally look around and see how much different life has been and how life will be.


HE "thinks" he sooo sexy

LMFAO. Ray J like are u kidding me...

im sure his show is a fcking joke !

but i will b watchin his show to get some laughs in 'nd to make sure my first thoughts about his show are correct

ketchup to my mustard...

^^^ funny title eh? do u get it? [catch up to my must-heard] lol

dumb...i kno but it was well worth a try.

So my "BiRTHDAY WEEKEND" didnt go as planned not one little bit.

Original Plan:
Thurs-Smoke out && Club
Fri-Dinner && Movies
Sat-MLK Parade && Some Party
Sun-was open for resting && jus to to chill in general
Mon- Beach Day

i mean tht sounded like a real nice weekend for me since i was only turning 20 nothin too crazy or out of the norm.

Thurs: i went to school as planned...no point of really missing plus i had a test in poli sci. went to long beach where my cuzin, lil bro, & his homies smoked me out somethin serious. i smoke about a lil of everything...it was great. so me my bro and my cuzin head back to my house later tht nite to get ready for the club. we get to the club park in valet parking and give the attendant our keys and head to the line. we get closer to the front and i realize i forgt my id in the car....ugh dnt feel like typin all this shit..anyways long story short. we're walkn bk to the car after some bullshit wit the promoter at the club and see my besties car gettin brokin into and we see a guy gettin out her car. we chase after him and we the police catch him. but tlkn to the police was a long process. 'nd it turns out my bro new the kid from middle school...yes ofcourse he had to b blk. =/ nd thts how my actually birthday went.

Fri: My bestie Britt came out here from Rancho and we went to get a Mani-Pedi [where i got my nail blk for the first time evr]. some how i got ovr the whole dinner thing and jus wanted to go to the movies but as always it didnt wrk out. my old bro told me bout a party in westminister but failed to mention it was 18+ so wen we got there he ask if everyone had their id and then i realize mmy cuzin wasnt 18. so we headed to taco bell

where we saw a couple in a car gettin frisky. which was highly entertaining. lol [peeping was the high light of tht nite]

Sat: got up early for the mlk parad in long beach tokk my lil bro and it was me and my besties all day and our lil bros'. we ended up being in the parade cuz my fren was in it adnd then seh calld me from her phone and askd if we wanted to march with them so they would have more ppl. it as fun & hot. later tht night i went to a new theatre at the Palos Verdes mall to see my Bloody Valentine 3D. love tht theatre now. the movie was good but could used the 3D effect more often.

Sun: Beach day. nothin went wrong except for the fact tht my lil bro and my lil cuzin decided to play "gun" with their hands extra loud at Manhatten Beach [white ppl]. then we headed bak to my house to get into the pool and jacuzzi.

and today i jus slept all day and bout to bake a cake and do hmwrk. wutta weeknd. wasnt all bad but i still had fun and i didnt even party .


pretty funny if u ask me...


[. T W E N T Y .]







can.u.say Meiko ??

ok. so i listen to all types of music. i really love the American Indie, Acoustic, soul and Alternative genres. I listen to them more than anything.

Above is one of my fav newly signed artist M E I K O . shes is signed wit
Myspace Records. she released her self-titled album sept.07 independently and wen she signed with Myspace Records they remastered and re-recorded some tracks and re-realsed the album [on sale on amazon ]. anywho im sure ur gettin bored now. anways check out her album on Imeem i love it. my favorite at the moment is in the playlist calld "hiding" && watch her video i thought it was pretty entertaining. ok im done boring you ! enjoy...


America's Best Dance Crew

so tonite i went to their taping in Los Angeles and it premieres thurs Jan.15 [my bday]

the whole process was long and jus plain looooooooong. like it was line after line after line !

first you have to wait in line to check in & and sign a contract sayin a bunch a shit u cnt do and tht if u tell the results of the show u will get sued for $5million dollars and on top of tht u will also pay for any extra fees i.e attornies etc. it cost them to take u to court to sue you]. then wait in another line to b walkd across the street to the studios. wen u get there u have to wait in another line to go thru security. then u get escorted to a "waitng area" which is a basically a long ass line where they were giving out free Rockstar energy drinks[for wut reason idk] where u stand for about an hour and half till they're ready to put in a line to fill up the studio... i was so ready to go but i love the show and this was my first time to the taping so i guess i had to "pain" thru it.

this was really hard for me since i have like ZERO patience i must say i did complain the whole time to my brother lol who im sure was tired of my whining and huffin and puffing.

so we got in and were seating and b.cuz it was only me and my brother there were two available seats smack dapp in the front. [floor seats] but it was like on the side of the stage so seeing the performances from the front angle would b completely impossible. there was a lil dance off. at the end of the show we did the wave [superfun] the only sucky part was u have to clap and yell on cue for a long time. like i thought ilike smiling but damn wen somebody is telln me wen to smile and for how long it makes me..eehhh about it lol we had to act excitd for the whole time which is understandable but damn i was gettin exhausted ! [ i guess this was their whole point of handinog out the free energy drinks]

i said i wouldnt be going again for a while b.cuz of the long waiting but me and my borther got askd to comeback nxt week since we were dancing for the nxt weeks show we're calld "krazy fans" lmao. wep ! dnt like the title but hopefully we get better seating and we're supposedly are gonna bypass the whole line thing. cuz tht was a killer !

we had to do shots ovr. i mean i wasnt tht bad. i jus didnt expect to "WRK" lol they kept it fun by doing contest wit the sections [which section could get evryone to dance...ofcourse my section won !] lol so yea fun times.



Let's Just Do it...

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes `nd Missy Elliots new song.

ehh im hav`n serious mixd feelings about the song

on one hand it makes me very irritated and sad b.cuz who in the world decided
this was the right timing to come out with a song. its like why would u do this???
its only a reminder of a great artist we don't have. =[ are they gonna put out another unreleased single or album then have her disappear again? [thts rude...wutta teaser !] i wonder if there's gonna be a video?

but on the other hand it makes me somewat excited cuz its like "aye remember how bomb she was?" its like one final last jam.

B.T.W.[ since we on the subject of deceased artist...]

ooh and who the fck said Keisha Cole could do a song w. Tupac. uggh ! now tht shit is annoying. like wtf? i loved k.coles first album but after taking a peek at her show it made me not like her. i mean i'll listen to some of her songs "sometimes" but im just annoyed by her entire being in the music industry and now she has the nerve to have a song w. Tupac. sMh !!



81 Questions
[i kno this is long as fck but hey...]

Name: Tyronica [plz dnt choke on it]
Nickname: Roni
Best memory: dnt have a "best" i have alot of great memories
Worst memory: rather not mention it.
Best dream: Me and my uno numero boo were married
Worst nightmare: being married to this one ex-pyscho i usd to tlk to
Weaknesses: boys w. sparkly eyes and pretty smiles [dimples] oh and males tht can JERK really good w. their own flava
Strengths: manipulating [sad i kno]
Anyone have the same birthday as you?: yes ! MARTIN L. KING JR.
Would you...
die for a friend?: umm...i wouldnt die on purpose but i would put my life in danger.
die for your crush/bf/gf?: a crush? puh-lease ! but for a bf...see above.
die for your family?: immediate...distant relatives dnt count lol
ever kill yourself?: haha i love myself too much
Kill someone else?: if i could get away w. it. sure. but only if no one would really miss them or if they tried to kill me.[ i'd toture them for a couple weeks b4 killn them]
If you had to choose- save your cat or save your enemy?: my cat duh ! i dnt have any enemies ! but i would save a human ovr a pet even if they were an "enemy"
rather freeze or burn to death?: freeze. haha b.cuz u go numb and dyin tht way fees like fallin asleep...i heard
admit you love someone?: ofcourse.
break the law or lie to save a friend?: this has my name written alll ovr it
Have you ever...
cut yourself?: not on purpose but hasnt evryone at one point wit the scissors...damn onions !
been in love?: yea... i feel to fast
thought about suicide?: yes.
hated someone so much you thought you would really kill them?: ugggh yes
starved yourself?: haha no. im too fat for tht
forced yourself to cry?: forced? i dnt much to begin with
forced yourself to throw up?: heck no!
betrayed a friend?: not on purpose
hurt someone else so you would feel better about yourself?: no
Which is worse?
your friend dying or your parent dying: my parent. duh !
losing all your old memories or never being able to make new ones: loosing. b.cuz in order not to make new one u would die !
being rejected by someone you love or having your feelings returned only...: being rejectd by someone i love
to be dumped a month later: ....
being raped or willingly having sex and later regretting it: being raped
having no emotions or only being happy once every couple of months: only being happy every couple of months
losing all your friends on earth or never having found God: who says u will evr find god?
being dumped or dumping someone: being dumpd
falling in love with an anime character or falling in love with a celebrity: anime character. duh ! they arent real
a friend moving away or losing touch with a friend who lives right near you: a friend moving away
What is your dream in life?: being successful
Do you have insomnia?: not anymore
Do you often wake up in the middle of the night after a bad dream?: dnt have bad dreams
Do you get deja vu?: all the time
Did you ever have a dream that came true?: i think once or twice
What about a nightmare?: nope
Did you ever have a realistic dream that truly scared you?: not scared me but excited me
Do you daydream?: majority of my day consist of it
Have you ever dreamed you were falling?: yes
Greatest fears: being a bum
What are you not afraid of at all?: arguements
Name a weird phobia you have.: goliath lol went on it once ..nvr again unless im gettin paid !
Has your fear ever come true?: no
Is your fear a common fear?: yes
Any particular reason for the fear?: im sure its self explanatory
Does it ever control your life?: yes. but in a good way
Have you had nightmares about the fear?: no
Are you more afraid of rejection or failure?: isnt evryone?
The Past
Most missed memory: carson days
How have your feelings changed throughout your life?: every emotion has been in my life.
First memory: idk
Happiest childhood memory: drill team in grade school
Saddest childhood memory: dnt have one
What was your first word?: uhh...i have to ask my mother
First friend?: i was a baby. idk
First crush?: this boy named Junior lol
First love?: is dead and gone
What would you do if...
your best friend died because of you?: i'll need a psychotrist and depression pills
your true love moved out of the country?: move with them
your friend gave you the choice of cheating on the really tough math final?: C H E A T. fake it till u make it
a friend offered you drugs or alcohol?: ummm...we'd do two shots togehter...but after i hit the blunt
a friend of the same gender told you they were gay and asked you out?: my "friend" would already kno Roni dnt get dwn like tht
your bf/gf asked you to have sex with them?: they wouldnt have to ask
you were sexually abused?: after i get checkd out @ the hospital i'll beat the fck outta them. well after my fam gets to him lol
you were betrayed by someone you trusted and cared about?: erase them from my life
you found out your friend wanted to die?: ask them wut the fck they problem is all of a sudden
Final Thoughts
Are you saved?: once upon a time...
Do you believe in God?: i believe in a higher power
Why or why not?: this God thing is iffy
Are you depressed or sad all the time?: nope
What are you hoping for in the future?: love && happiness
What makes you happy?: alot of things...im not hard to please
What makes you sad?: ignorance
Do you believe in the Bible?: i have one; not sure i believe it
Why or why not?: see final thoughts question 2


soo i tried somethin new

i always thought this hair style was interesting....but finally got bored enough do try it out. and wear it out in public. lol

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some more...

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First Day

so today was my first day back to school. and its my first day at a new school too. i was previously attending Cerritos but since i live in lawndale i had a choice of going to either Southwest or El Camino since they was closer. i chose Southwest since my fren Torri goes there haha even tho our schedules arent the same atleast i can see a familar face every once in a while.

But my first day was way better than i expected. my Pyschology professor is so fckn hilarious. and he is going to be on tv next week for some show. i'll post it wen it actually airs and i can get it off youtube.

My poli sci class is wutevr. i personally dont think politcal science is interesting but since we will be doing a project on the President Elect Obama and his cabinet i might find something that i would actually want to pay some attention to. tmrw we are getting assignd groups hopefully i get paired with the cutie in my class. but it will suck is he jus for looks cuz i deal wit no slackers in group wrk lol.



ever been SOOOOO mad

all you could do was either



kill somebody?

im not much of a crier...


i dnt wanna get into the bizness of murdering either

'nd once again my mother is the reason

Very Young Girls

so last nite i was watchn a showtime original documentary about young black prostitues in New York telln their stories. so sad most of them get pulld in by older boyfriends or niggas playn the "father" role to these young 12&&13yr old girls who have no father figure. uggh ! this one nigga gone say how he love her blah blah and he'll do anything for her and would she do anything for him...ofcourse "young&& dumb"she says yes 'nd he rationalized evrythng w. "yu'll fck for free but u wont fck for money?!" b.cuz she's so in "love" wit him she does it.

These Pimps keeps this girls under close watch 24/7 and limits to there contact to any friends and family. This way they are soley dependant on them and if they try to leave them they will have no where else to turn to. its so sad.
it makes me be thankful for the life i have and that i never had to go thru a hard time. i these girls had so many unanswered questions and i bet the people they askd had no answer for them but i believe there is a  solution to every problem because event he word IMPOSSIBLE it re-reads at "IM-POSSIBLE". i want to help but im sure i can only get so far b.cuz i nevr been in their shoes or been where they been thru but i think thts the advantage im proof tht there is a different way to live life.

below is the trailer and you can visit the website by clicking here

the movie is currently showing on Showtime OnDemand. watch it. think about it.



so. its took me awhile to post b.cuz i wasnt sure jus how to approach this situation. 
im so sick and tired of everyone sayn "new year new me" like wtf? wut does the new year mean? your life is still gonna be the same as it was dec.31.2008. 

life doesnt change; you can change how you live and life will follow suit.

i didnt make any new year resolutions b.cuz if i make some they're usually stupid or i dnt follow thru. change only happens if u really want it and i dnt think you should have to wait until to new year to make it. you only have this moment to change b.cuz ur nxt moment isnt promised.

but my new years was good. spent it wit my besties and my bro. smoked and took two shots of unknown then had a cup of so really great pink stuff lol.

yes the new years was good. and school starts on monday ehhh =|

im excited and wutevr at the same time. its school i have to get thru it to make money.

so Reflection of 2008.

January 15, 2008 i got in contact wit my long lost older brother Keinan. this day is special b.cuz t his was my first time meeting him and it was my birthday where i had a dinner party at CPK @ Hollywood &&  Highland wit my church ppls. [ yes back then i was super religious]
March got my flaky best fren a job at my store which turnd out to be a huge mistake. she only lasted a month lol. wep !
May school ended and my partying lifestyle began nd so my smokin came into the picture. went to church less and less and decided tht wasnt a life i was ready to live.
Summer is big blurrr...full of clubs,parties, kickbacks, beach days, wrk, sleep, alcohol, weed, and boys....lots and lots of boys.
Everyone one was shockd at my sudden change but i felt it was long ovrdue since i was always the "good girl" i was against everything tht was wrong. and now look at me...a complete 180 turn of where i used to be. A good church girl  gone....

yes 2008 was the most changing year for me. i may have pickd up some bad habbits but i also pickd up some really good ones too. i started walkng and exercising more often and eating healthier breakfasts [start the day off right] but i nvr quit eatin my mexican big fat juicy burritos ! [ they didnt say u have to end ur day right ]

oh yea...last week i bought my first pair of wedges....yes i walkd thru the entire Beverly Center Mall in them w.o falling or my feet hurting lol.