Away && Status Messages

away messages are like blogs but much shorter and get straight to the moral of the story in about a sentence or two.

i love to have quotes or snippetts from songs in my status messages according to wats goin on in my life or how im feeling.

but sometimes wen i put up a song tht im jus really feeling and change it around a lil bit to fit me i see tht certain ppl get a lil uneasy about it...or they think im talkn bout them. which is hella annoying. especially wen its a somethin they get all anal about it. wen really i dnt notice how they may feel it may b about them until they point it out. like wtf

but i like doing tht. see who feels guilty about something. its funny to see certain ppls reactions to something tht has nothing to do with them and tht tells me so much more about them.

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