D A R I A lovers...

DARIA. omg i loved this show. decided to watch as many episodes on youtube as i could find. this was the first one i found which reminded me why i love this show so much. Daria is such a low-key ass. i love her sarcastic-ness [ like meeeee lol]

"see its this thing called personality..." haha
"your not as superficial as you act, im sure you jus feel obliged to stress the moronic aspects of ur personailty..." funniest shit. love how she
called her a moron in a nice way. lol


Anonymous said...

i used to LOVE Daria! i remember when it would come on mtv. used to watch it religiously lol.

iM.R0Ni said...

if you go to youtube go to ariascruz78. they have all the daria episodes. lol

j e l l i e b e a n c u h k z. said...

ommfq !
lmao !
thiss usedd to be mah favoritee showw ! i had hella daria shit .
i forgot about her ass , lol .
ahh , the memoriess . =]

dauche said...

I was HELLLLLLAA thinking about daria the other day; loved the shxt out of this show. My favorite episode was when she started to transform into a girl like quinn; then snapped back into reality. I was sooo going to blog daria. but yeah good stuff. love it.

nt skinne n e mo said...

i love that show.