im coming back b.cuz i have nothing else to do
and im moving to place taht will give more than enough
free time to be insanely bored and wanting to kill myself :}




I hated it.....

Tried it....

Like it.....



Adventures of summer 09

so i've been out of summer school for offcially a week now ! yay me ! lol and i've been going nutz. parties like krazy late nights and even later morning....actually i sleep thru morning and get straight to afternoon. man i love summer. so me and my besties went to this cave off some cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes. kinda scary but really fun and worth the 2min terror attacks lol and we went kayaking and snorkling...not the best water but a few fishes were able to be seen.



I always think that "man i havent blogged in a while i need to..." but then life happens and i never actually get around to it. but yea i've decided i started this and i do want to finish this bcuz so much S H I T has happend tht is blog worthy jus nvr found the time to write about it and wen i did have time i was pretty much

over it ! lol

but i do vow to atleast do a once a week cuz this is krazy if i start im determined to finish and jus disappear into thin air ! lol

yea soo im going leave you with a quote and bounce back to my movie


"Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true."


the last time

wow. i dont even remember the last time i posted something lol
my bad.
my laptop finally gave out on me
out of school and now in summer school
child development...its ok

im currently lookin for a new job.
cuz my bitch of a manager is about to ger hurt.
physically or emotionally i havent quit decided yet
but im not quitting jus getting another job to wrk during the week

other news tonite my cuzins are havin a kickback
and im spending the night
so im pretty much gettin fckd up :]

adios till later.


weak asfck !

jus been informed that second summer session is cancelled.
im so mad
i wanted to take four classes this summer
but obviously now i cant
so i have to make a another counselors meeting to rearrange my schedule
the only bright side to this is that i'll have a month off for school


Berry vs. Smith

personally i love jada. close race but jada takes it for me :]



my gma wants me to go to church.
i dont wanna go.
im in the process of finding a religion
yes i was born christian
obviously im not.
im so tired of fake christins a.k.a "church go-ers"
being a christian is a life style not jus something you decide to do once a week AFTER you come from parting all night at the club drunk as fuck. [weak ass mess]

obviously they dont kno wat it takes to get into the gates of heaven b.cuz if they did they wouldnt be doing half the shit they do on the weekends.

if your goin to hell then fck it. the problem is knowing that are and fixing it to ensure ur place in heaven but but if really dnt kno that your doomed.

grr. i jus get so pissed at hell bound church go-ers telln me that i should be at church after they jus told me a story about havn sex [pre marriage], while they drunk/high, orr while they all up in the club etc.


H E Y !!

i havent bloggd in a long time. alot has happend.
too much i wont try to cover =]

i love dane cook. i think he his ultra funny. he's gonna be on tonite [ comedy central] at 10pm. yay !

other news. schools almost out and im excited.
geology class is the only class im worried about.
i need to pass that class.
grr fck rocks, tectonic plates, && P waves.

this summer i have summer school.
both summer session
two classes each
it is a must because im applying for schools in oct.
so this summer and fall are very important for me.

but anywho. life is good...[as always] and it can only go up from here.
i cant wait for summer. boogie boarding my lil ass off.



So I'm at school

southwest college

And I'm in speech class and once again my teacher is late.

Like wtf .

Class starts at 9:35

And its 9:41

If the teacher is later than 15min we are allowed to make a roll sheet and leave

This is very appealing but I do need to talk to her

But moving on to a new subject

Today is cinco de mayo and I looooove mexican food.

Where's the fiesta hit me up and let me kno.


Yes I'm really serious.


brag a lil....


last tuesday i was informed that i got the highest score on my psychology midterm.

go me.

my big bro took me to my favorite mexican resturant on the beach

S H A R K E E Z <---- Click for website

u can only find them on 5 beaches in cali.

Santa Barbara

been to all of them except santa barbara lol but i do plan on goin there soon.

i think they are really good.

if you go try the burrito especial. mmm



so i must give myself some kudos. up until now i've always only had one bikini for the summer. and one bikini i wore two summers straight. decided to switch it up since i will b takn multiple pics from various water parks and beach trips from this very excited summer i plan on having. neeed some excitingg swimwear to go with do cha think? and i got my lil miss match thing goin on too.



:) :) :) B L 0 W E D


i've decided .

today i've come to the conclusion that something is mentally not completely right with me.

[i kno...probably not the best thing to admit to, but who do u kno who is sane 100%?]

my point exactly.

well its not like im crazypsycho [yes.one word.] or anything.

my decision about my "mental disorder" is ADHD.


i've noticed the older the i get the more impatient i get. i have like zero patience for anything or anyone.

doesnt take long for me to start averting my attention to someone or something else.

my mind stays wondering. its hard for me to focus for long periods on time. especially on somethin im not interestd in doing to begin w. ANYTHING will get my attention and keep it...until i find somethin that is more captivating than wat i am currently focused on.

it was really bothering me today at wrk 'nd me and my co-wrks were joking about it so i decided to come home and take a online test....[psych central.com


oh nothin...jus checkn out this post from ur cell phone crap....if this posts then it wrks. :)

i miss them.

comeback J.E.


grr. i thought about him today

which always suxx cuz that turns into a continuous stream of "thinking of him"

wep....i kno

best fren was ovr and we ended up on fckn myspace

btw.i really hate myspace [`nd fckn twitter.bullshit]

i was curious to see who was in my "FAVORITES" b.cuz i forgot.

i normally only check my messages and comments and bounce

but like a dummy i went to my favorites jus curious if he had updated his page

he did

nothin special jus a new default pic and some extra nonsense =]

checkd his comments...bunch of party invites.bullshit

except for a few flirty comments

im not jealous.

im ovr him.


"he" and "i" will nvr be "us" and "we"


"day `nd night im always the same. not ready for those words bcuz this isnt a game. no way i'll evr admit it. only guilty cuz i didnt do it. today isnt the same as last week but life was different way back then. misunderstood then but now maybe its seen i was only preparing myself for t`day cuz i learn`d my lesson a long time ago."

[ . T H E . E N D . ]


Fckn Easter


the only day yu'll catch EVERY0NE 'nd they momma at church.

'nd they make sure to wear their sundays best...jus so they can show off a bit.



this is gettin out of hand

so ystrday im at work.

boo =[

so anyway like 4 girls barely in high school come lolly gaggin in
and my co-wrkr tells me that she over heard them talkn about how one of the girls is pregnant.

like wo000000w

they were super young only like in ninth or tenth grade at the MOST
and your pregnant like wtf.

how are u gonna have a baby and yo ass havent even passed the CAHSEE? [ california high school exit exam.]

i see so many young girls having babies in high school now its ridiculous.


keeps gettin younger and younger.

i wonder wat the world will be like in 30 years?

u kno waay bk in the day they couldnt even show couples sleeping in the same bed on tv but now we can see bow wow nutz on tv. damn.


how'd u do that?

im still kinda in shock...


Siren Songs

Siren Song

This is the one song everyone
would like to learn: the song
that is irresistible:

the song that forces men
to leap overboard in squadrons
even though they see beached skulls

the song nobody knows
because anyone who had heard it
is dead, and the others can’t remember.
Shall I tell you the secret
and if I do, will you get me
out of this bird suit?
I don’t enjoy it here
squatting on this island
looking picturesque and mythical
with these two feathery maniacs,
I don’t enjoy singing
this trio, fatal and valuable.

I will tell the secret to you,
to you, only to you.
Come closer. This song

is a cry for help: Help me!
Only you, only you can,
you are unique

at last. Alas
it is a boring song
but it works every time

written by Dennis P. Hardwell


upgrade plz

not the best video quality. but hey. it wrks.

loveroni.blogspot.com from Tyronica Briggs on Vimeo.



i met him in July twenty someting year 2006
love at first sight...maybe?
it was something about him. i dont know wat i was or wat it is for tht matter.
it was like he was one of those lights that the flys cant help but swarm around
but be careful not to get too close cuz you'll get burned. lol yea like that.
an asshole he was wen we first met but its weird tht made me even more attracted to him.
man that was a great day.
the best day.
he was the perfect gentlemen asshole. i loved it.
so rude and sweet at the same time. kept me on my toes
it was instant chemisty.butterflies like krzy and a bond that was undeniable.
life happend. as always life always seems to fck up the one good great thing you have going in your life.

i was falling.

off and on. months would go w.o speaking but wen we did it was like we jus saw eachother ystrday.

i finally decided that i've waited long enough for him. we cant be together anytime soon anyways. im tired of hopin and wishin he'll come around but it doesnt matter b.cuz he currently resides an hour and half drive away from me. we're both busy and it jus wont work. no time =/
i've decided im over this whole situation and him...and everytime i say im over it he fckn pops up either in person, phone,or email. either way my heart skips a couple of beats jus the same. i hate how he pops up. randomly. everytime i get focused on someone new or really try to make up my mind to give up on him he pops up. someway somehow. somethin like a radar he has on me. like he has to keep my emotions in check with him. and wen he [telepathically] feels im about to channel them else where....he does a lil cameo appearance in my life. fckn wep.

everytime i see i him i get so happy. i hate it.
♥ my heart starts to beat out my chest and my mind goes racing. i cant breathe && everytime i try to tlk my words wont come out right. ♥
yes. dumb status. im kinda like the nerdy girl who has the crush on the football player and everytime he talks to her she stutters or says something stupid....yea...thts me. =/

i've officially fell...kinda hard to.

i've gotten to deep in this. its scaryweird. [words made as one on purpose]
im not one to usually show or express emotions about loving someone too often.
i love my frens and family. i think niggas are dumb and i tend to treat them as such but he's different. idk idk idk idk.

he's ruinig my life unknowlingly. even tho i say im not; im still waiting on him.
i'll drop my life and everyone in it jus to have a life with him.
[ yea im pretty much fckd cuz im serious]
any dude im talkn to at the moment will suddenly dissapear like majic. it'll be hard to even remember their name in a couple of days.
i mean i wouldnt drop my Ness tho. probably be m.i.a for a few days b4 i break dwn and tell them Mr.youknowho finally woke up. *hehe
other nigga's are time fillers. i guess. i hopn to find someone to measures up since i ccant have wat i really want.
i wouldnt call it settling.
its just taking a different route to "happyness'.
kinda decided a while ago he was the O N E
grr. sometimes i hate wen i make up my mind cuz sometimes i cant even change my mind wen i try to.
i want to change my mind.

sucky situation..."... one thing i've discovered about myself in the past twenty years::
once i've wrapped my mind around an idea or person my mind is already made up.
theres no changing it.
if i hated it then i will always hate it but once i love you i will always love you....yea the passion in my heart goes THAT hard
i'll do like they say in the "hood'? i'll "go hard" for him =]

i will nevr express this emotions again.

the end.



so i finally took that weave out.
i missed my hair.
i love my hair.
i can work it short or long.
GO ME ! =]
so i tried my hippie head band
on my freshly cut hair
annnnd here's the verdict....

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i dream of driving far. having some real time to myself in the middle of nowhere. i love driving through moutains and past lakes. makes me feel at real peace. i plan on dissappearing one day for a week...maybe two..or a month..who knows... not completely dissappear and leave my loved ones stressed `nd worried. i'll call daily and say im o.k. but they wont kno where i will be located i dnt want to be found i jus want to explore and jus "be".... but i'll show them pictures and tell them the story on wat happened to me wen while i was gone wen i come back.

made a quick collage of my quick getaway yesterday::

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hippie headband...?

so once again i tried somethin new wit my hair. lol. or my weave...which i cant to take out ! lol
anywhooo....back to the pics::

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last nite...

wow. last nite was an experience on more than one level. my G.Daddy wanted to go to a strip club so i took him and dragged my good friend Allie along w. me ! lol. it was crazy the club was overall wack...nothing like the Players Club lmao. but it was only like three dancers really worth anything i mean im sure i could have done better than the rest. And not to mention the akwardness wen i realized i recognized one of the girls from my modeling class i took when i was in middle school. [it wasnt apart of the school, but i was in middle school wen i took it]. the modeling was a nice and we had a big show at the Carson community center. it was weird like..wow....so this is wat u've grown up to be? she kept talkn and lookn at this one blk hottie...which allie said was her "Pimp" ahaha. no not funny really. i hope all she does is strip and those is her homie or boyfriend...she looks healthy so im sure she's not strung out on drugs. anywho this isnt about her. my G.Daddy enjoyed himself but he needs to be taken to a real bomb strip club cuz these girls were kinda weak.

Picture Plus:: My Bro, Me, and my cuzin Paul from last nite. i love them. and i finally got the jerk down good. yea i was fckn it up last nite. lol. cnt wait till the next party.

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i used to love jellies wen i was younger. the were so comfy. saw some and had to get them ! oh and decided to get all my favorite colors on my nails at the same time lol. somethin new somethin new.

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he had to feel me....

it ystrday afternoon and i wanted to get a one hour nap in before work.

i dnt kno but this dream felt soo real like it was the right time of day. im my dream i woke up in the same spot i went to sleep and the clock said it was exactly 33min later thatn the time i had fallen asleep.

it felt so real.

he was there with me.

telln me wait i've been waitin on this time to hear.

we packing our bags.


hitting the road...jus the two of us

it felt so real

it was me him and the beautiful beach scence.

gone and a stranger to the rest of the world
i kno he had to feel me dreaming about him.

yes, it was tht intense.


My Geology Field Trip

the whole trip i was sick. and we had to meet at school by 7:45am on a saturday like OUCH !! and his class his hella boring but the trip was actully worth my time [ 'nd extra credit ] wish i was in better condition i would have enjoyed it more. i had fun tho thx to my friend lol but hey i can always go back on my own. didnt get to take alot of pics but i took a few. :/.

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