Boys w. Girls

for some strange reason me and my best fren keep attractin niggas tht already got girls. like wtf?
do you really think that i still wanna tlk to you ? and breakin up wit ur girl wont do anything cuz if u tlkn to me while u wit her if i was wit u, u'd do the same shit to me.

i swear niggas be on one. dnt lie about havn a girl.

one:im not into cheaters cuz i believe in karma
two: i refuse to come second to another female who isnt his mother,sister,or grandmother.

then they chick wanna be mad. like bitch u need to check yo nigga. bein mad at me aint gonna stop him from tlkn to me. i mean i can see if i knew he had a girl and i still tried to mess wit him but if i have no idea then lookn at me sideways aint gonna solve ur damn relationship problems. i hate females like tht.

any2ho... decided im takn a break from all males. friends only. nothing more.i need a break im exhausted. 

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