independent woman my ass

this independent woman shit is getting on my nerves.

most females are gettin the independent woman meaning twisted and taking it on a whole different level than it was originally meant to be.

i swear some of these chicks be really thinkn they beyonce and shit.

reality check.

beyonce is independent and M A R R I E D.

shit half of these chicks "claiming" to be independent arent even old enough to be independent. dont have shit in their name or own shit they purchased themselves that are actually worth shit. [ ur clothes and flyy shoes and ur wack as jewelry are items that depreciate not appreciate wit time. and if u dnt kno wat tht means then clearly ur not indpendent]

independent woman was a term meant to uplift females and not to say we didnt need mean in a sense that we could live our entire life ignoring males and belittling them everytime we get the chance because we dont "need" them.

it was in the sense of we didnt have to depend on men to take care of us financially. we didnt need to depend on men to make decisions about our futures and careers. that we were educated enough to think for ourselves and be capable to make wise decisions on our own.

females need to stop frontin like they dnt need a special someone in their life. we all know it feels good to be loved. to have someone you can talk to all day about everything you can think of. to have someone hug u so tight u almost loose your breath, but it wouldnt matter b.cuz u rather not breath with them than to die without them. someone who understands you and knows you jus a lil better than you kno yourself. someone who u can fight with and someone you can make up with.

i wish i could find someone like that for myself. i dnt expect much from males because my frens and family have taken very good care of me. jus someone who can be my best friend and my lover.

cant buy my heart with money but u can with sincerity and chemistry.


yu kno wat they say about apples...

they say apples never fall far from the tree.

well i'll damned if i get stuck in my mothers roots

unsmart decisions, horrible lies, and constant need to belittle others

and stuck my grandmothers roots

of serious impatience, over exaggeration, and hella annoying whinyness.

im doing good so far.

i do make unsmart decisions at times but im only twenty. im learing, its apart of life but i wont b stuck like this. im gettin better evryday. i dnt lie. no need to. i dont give a fck about hurting ur feelings the truth needs to be told. and be little others? i dnt have time for that. i wanna give ppl a reason to be inspired.

im very inpatient. but wutevr. no need to exaggerate, imma tell it how it is. and i dnt whine.

im doing good so far.

imma jus keep rollin my apple ass ovr until im far enough to be me and close enough to be touchd.


jus wanted to say wassup...

oh yea... this is supposed to b part two to the commercial 2008 version.

have a good day everybody !


imma seven...

im kinda into this numerology crap. its been pretty on point if u ask me.

You are all about knowledge! Sevens intellectual and
studious personalities often pursue advanced academic
careers. As they love to absorb information, they usually
require a great deal of private time to cultivate their

These reserved and analytical deep-thinkers make great
mathematicians, engineers, inventors, scientists and
doctors. A sign that a number 7 has strayed completely
off of his or her life path is a complete withdrawal
from society.

In this case, the troubled 7 should try to recognize
his or her original ambitions to improve the world
through the application of wisdom.


horrible + okay = bad day

1. it was rainin hella hard and i had to go to school.
2. Road blocks to school so i had to take an alternate route.
3. late to my psychology class....
4. couldnt remember where my psychology class was.
5. pissed the fck off cuz now im cold, semi wet and i cant find my class and its already 8:30am [ class started at 8 ]
6. 8:35 rolled around got tired of feeling like an idiot calld it quits for the day went to the library to print out hmwrk for nxt class.
7. computers are currently in use by a class. [ GRRRRRR ]
8. find a computer to use...and right upon pressing the print button the computer tech informs evryone there will be no more printing for the day [no ink, no paper ]
9. wtf
10.go to tec lab to use class computers.
11. mr.tech lab guy gives me hard time trying to make me sign up for the lab hours class tht requires me to use the lab for 35hrs b4 june for a grade. i mean this really isnt a problem i guess buuut...i have my own computer. im sure i wont use the lab for 35hrs jus priting shit out for my class.
12.Speech class was nice.
13.got my financial aid done. [ finally ]
14.came home and made some BURRITOS !
17. came home and danced wit chellz. made up a dance to Breakin Dishes by Rihanna. [ no joke intended. ]


done like a true toddler !!

The lady missed her flight from Hong Kong to San Fransico. lol.
saw it on the news..[ i hate the news ] but this was too funny


eleven on the dot.

'nd im hella bored.
nothins on tv
internet is booorring...
my friends are all sleep =[
'nd i have no where to go..

onlyy 4 ta`day

today was a very good day i must say

well so far...

had work this morniing


inhaled some dro w. my bro and homie

came home to a cooked meal


lima beans w/ ham...some bomb seasoned baked chicken[ opted out on the rice]

now im snackn on OREO cookies VANILLA BEAN ice cream && milk [ duh ]

Time Warner Cable is giving a select few movies a ppv price of .1 cent yes ONE CENT !

Titles include, The Family that Preys, Step Brother, and Black Knight [ nice selection if u ask me]

oh and yesterday my valentines gift...




whoa ! im like super late on this.
but i jus heard about this accident last nite...
well wasnt actually "heard"
i was on my way home from
F A T B U R G E R ![ mmmm ]
and saw a "Get Well Soon Jack" poster hanging at my Jack In The Box
like "get well" wtf? wen did he become ill?
Googled it...
came across Get Well Site
hmm i wonder wat their marketing purpose for this is?

go watch all the videos. in order [bottom to top].

heres a fan video i thought was really funny and im completely agree with !


Old Fashion

the gma^.....and her mike jackson style...

^^^ haha yep i took a "under-the-table" shot of my gma at breakfast on sat. atleast her socks matchd her top. lol

Im sure this is fake...

but i jus cant find the original pic b4 someone photoshoped the shit outta this pic. it got e-mailed to me this morning while i was in class. idk wut to think about the situation.

reports are circulating the web that singer Rihanna flipped out on boyfriend Chris Brown when she found a text message from an ex-girlfriend on his phone.

The NY Daily News, citing a music industry source, reports that the 20-year-old songstress and Brown were fighting over the text message while the couple were driving nearby her Hollywood Hills home. Rihanna attempted to get out of the car when the fight escalated.

“He got a booty call. He got a text. Rihanna saw it and she got upset. They started to argue. She got out of the car. He wanted her to get back in, so he grabbed her,” the industry source tells NY Daily News. “She pulled away. That’s when she’s told people he hit her.”

According to an E! Online exclusive report, the “Umbrella” singer grabbed the keys from the ignition and threw them out onto the street, sending Brown into a rage.

After failing to find the keys, Brown came back to the car, put his hands around Rihanna’s neck and, according to the E! report, said, “I’m going to kill you!”

The NY Daily News source scoffed at reports that the fight erupted after a jealous Brown scolded Rihanna for spending time with producer Timbaland at a pre-Grammy party.

The inside source says, “Chris has been trying to contact her. So far she hasn’t taken his call. Her family is on their way to be with her. She has some close girlfriend looking after her.”

OK! magazine is suggesting that the feud started on Feb. 5th when heiress Paris Hilton and Brown were being flirty at the Verizon & BlackBerry Storm Grammy party at Boulevard 3, while Rihanna performed.

“He and Paris went outside together,” a witness tells OK!. Back inside, they got closer. “Paris was all over him,” the partygoer says. “Rihanna caught wind of it and spent the rest of the night glued to him.”

Brown has been charged with one count of making felony criminal threats. The singer posted a $50,000 bond and was released by police Sunday night. A March 5 court date has been set.

got the pic thx to Dauche



ugh ! this bitch...

so...the post before this i ad to give away my dog.

He has a loving home now ! =D

anyways going thru my emails i come across one that pissed me off !

"I can't believe you would even say you would take this poor dog who did nothing wrong to the pound just because of whatever reasons you have. When getting a dog everyone must know it’s a long term commitment. Ppor guy, i hope your getting a lot of inquiries so he doesn't end up at the pound. "

uggghhhhh like wtf. dnt fckn email me wit tht retarded shit. at first i was goin to ignore it but...i couldnt jus let her go hard on me like that especially via email. i tired my best not to cuss and sound sweet and hurt lol

my response::

"Seeing that your NOT offering to take him in, i think you should have kept your opinion to yourself. Actually i did get a lot of responses and the dog is now in a loving home ! I took the dog so i could find him a home because the original owner was going to take him to a shelter. So i hope you feel stupid right about now, i took him to find him a good home thats why I posted the ad. I really think that was very rude of you to form an opinion about a situation you obviously dont know shit about !"

grrr. people these days.

Free Jack Russell

this dog is 6mos. very playful. my boss gave it to me but i have no where to keep it. i thought my friend was going to house it buuuut her BIG dogs dnt like him =[

im not charging. jus simply giving the dog away. he has a house. the dog needs to go asap.

email: loveroni@myhelio.com

my email sends directly to my phone.

i live in Lawndale. and if nobody takes the dog by tmrw noon i will be taking him to a shelter.


no words

i havent been blogging as much, havent really felt like expressing myself in too many words; havent felt like getting down to the real issues in my life. i hate expressing my issues b.cuz it makes me feel like im a depressed person. Grr

i mean pretty much my life is good.i have no complaints.i mean everyone has their moments but damn i hate wen i have mines. it feels like im bein punished for being happy. like being happy in life is too good to be true. a F A R fetchd dream; a fairy tale tht will nevr come true.

i feel like im misunderstood way too much. i have way too much attitude which i understand is a fault on my part but fck some ppl jus nvr give me a chance to explain myself. first impressions mean alot and my sarcasm may offend some ppl and they take it the wrong way but really im only joking.

i've been hurt before. bad. really bad. by a "love", a "friend", my mom gets on my last nerves like wtf. like she always finds a way to downplay wutevr im doin.but in reality im doin better than her. i hate for ppl to say i do somethin tht reminds me of her it really pisses me off. b.cuz she makes dumb decisions and lies way to fckn much...oh wait let me not say tht "dnt say tht...tht is ur mother"
gee thanks for the painful reminder. i mean dnt get me wrong i love my mom but she jus pisses me off soooo bad. all the time. over dumb shit.

im a V i R G i N. i dnt hide that piece of info from anyone. yep i made it all the way to 20yrs old. haha. funny. its been a long hard road but i've made and im still makin it. its weird the reactions i get from ppl wen i tell them tht. its like sometimes some ppl try to make me feel bad but i jus look @ like "yea and ur lettin a random nigga fck who u prolly wont even speak too in the next month, complaining about how he hurt ur feelings" thts wtf im missin out on? no thx.
ha dnt let me meet a guy a tell them. ha some dissappear faster than Houdini. some others stick around for awhile i guess to "try it out" as if they're gonna hurt my feelings if they leave tooo quickly. HA. im immune to it. i rather u leave early than to delay. dnt waste my time wit ur nonsense....ugh idk im like fck everything else and everyone.

my main focus is jus school which im doing well in and transferring.
some schools im eyeing::
order of importance

why: bomb campus. really nice dorms. small class rooms.middle of nowhere.close to beach.
why:sororities.best fren is goin there. nice dorms. close to beach.
why: beautifully located campus. lots on on campus "things to do".
why:nice dorms. close to beach. great area.
why: bomb ass dorms. far enough away from home but still close. near a dance studio.

they are all very close together in competition they all offer me somethin different. hard to compare.



this my shiiiit !

heard this song first time today. love it. but the lyrics are the best part.

"squeeze tht pillow tight bite that shit" ahaha thts my part

{Where is everybody}
{Don’t stop now}

{Don’t stop now}

Hey, yeah
I don’t really wanna do nothing today
Just wanna do you tonight (you tonight)
And the only way that I’ll be satisfied is if I do you right (do you right)
I want you to feel it coming
Stronger longer
If f**king you ain’t a right thing to do, then I can't get no wronger

I’m pulling hair slapping derrières
All you gotta do is say {Don’t stop now}
And I won’t I promise this
I’m gone be the dominant one
I got you bitch squeeze that pillow bite that shit
Uhh it feel good don’t it tell me that you want it
Shawty call me daddy {Don’t stop now}

Don’t stop it stop it don’t stop it
Stop it don’t stop it stop it don’t stop it
Stop it don’t stop it stop it don’t stop it
Stop it don’t stop it stop it don’t
Don’t stop now

Girl I don’t really know what else I can say
But baby girl you look tight (you look tight)
And I’m sitting right here looking in your eyes and they’re telling me everything you might like (you might like)
I want you to feel it coming
From a bigga nigga
I’m not what you’re used to f**king with (oh no)
I’m a little bit thicker

I’m pulling hair slapping derrières
All you gotta do is say (Don’t stop now)
And I won’t I promise this
I’m gone be the dominant one
I got you bitch squeeze that pillow bite that shit
Uhh it feel good don’t it tell me that you want it
Shawty call me daddy {Don’t stop now}

Don’t stop it stop it don’t stop it
Stop it don’t stop it stop it don’t stop it
Stop it don’t stop it stop it don’t stop it
Stop it don’t stop it stop it don’t
Don’t stop now


Helio Ocean 2

i currently have the Helio Ocean and i love it. i get to do everything i want. i especially love the google maps feature [ i nevr get lost wit this]


Features:Same as my original but the screen is bigger. the phone is slimmer and its red. the text is suppose to be threaded now & html web browsing. im not sure about the camera but the Ocean is currently 2 megapixels with zoom. i heard[read] the Ocean 2 adds night vision. =D [i will get full use out of this feature]. oh one feature they nevr meantion is the voice recorded notes. and while on the phone u can record ur convo's lol. [ yes i love to make ppl eat their words]

Not to mention Feb.12 [wen the phone releases] Since Helio is now officially apart of Virgin Mobile [since June] my free minutes start at seven regardless if i get the new phone.

Love this moooovie



So the past couple of days...

have been krazy. Friday i lost my phone. grr. all my contacts are G 0 N E. all my save txt messages. all my pictures. all my video. the whole situation jus wamps. like i can contact anyone wen im not at home. no mobile aim. none of my boo's can hit me up wanting to chill after i get off wrk. it jus B L 0 W S. but my new phone is here today. so yay.

ooh sat me and my frens wen to Downtown Disney which was so fun. i'll post the pics after i do my homewrk.

it sux cuz sunday i missd the whole superbowl. well really i watch it to see the commercials but thankfully facebook and myspace have all the commercials posted. =D

yesterday was such a crazy day. First off im at school and this super gay dude who thinks he is "THE SHIT" says hi to me and says im fresh. like huh?
i was highly confusd since i wasnt even dressed up. i askd my cuzin want that means cuz idk gay ppl be havin they own lingo and hidden meaning. but my cuzzo informed me it was a good thing =]

oh and on my way home i saw a boy get hit by a car wen he was riding his bike lmao. its funny b.cuz he's ok. he got up so fast. but it was his fault. the light was green and his ass gonna ride in the middle of the street...litterally. he wasnt in the crosswalk like he was dead int he middle like was a pretend car like wtf. ahah. but the car didnt hit him completely. the charger hit his back wheel which ofcourse made him fall. so it wasnt that horrible. his bike got hit not him. but he had a nasty funny fall tho.damn

good morning?

idk y but it jus irritates the fck outta me wen im having a horrible morning and there's always that one happy-go-lucky person tht comes up to u with a huge "GOOD MORNING" and cheesy smile. like whyyyyyyyyyyy are you talking to me?? and no its not a good morning so fck off. lol


Super Bowl Single Girl.com

yes. some random ass chick wants to advertise herself to find a boyfriend or husband. like W0W.

haha i guess tht would be effective since millions of single guys will be watching the super bowl.