riding on fumez

so like in two hours its going to be officially C H R I S T M A S ! i mean yea im excitd..on the inside. its hard to tell from my neverending attitude but i cnt help it wit the insane level of ignorance of my customers, not to mention the fact tht i havent had a day off in two weeks. yes i wrkd today on Christmas eve. i prolly would have wrkd tmrw if the mall was open. then back at wrk on fri [ the worse day] cuz now all the lil kiddos have their Christmas money they are dying to spend and they wanna try on half of the fckn store before they decided they only want one pair of jeans and a damn basic t-shirt. =/. i dnt go in till 6 b.cuz the mall doesnt close until 11 which is hella horrible. b.cuz i have a feeling i will be there cleanin up these rugrats shit and doin all the damn go-backs until 3am.

no 3am is not an exaggeration . one night we had we didnt leave until 345 and i had to be back at wrk at noon the next day. uggh! which means i wasnt home until a lil after 4am and i wasnt sleep until 540 and b back up at 10am. man so i havent been having the correct amount of sleep to keep me functioning properly....in otherwrds getting the proper amount of sleep so tht i wont be miss.grouchy biotch during the waking hours. 

monday nite i was exhausted got off of wrk at 7 but i still had to pick up my bro from mymom house and bring him home wit me so we could make his surprise gingerbread kit i got him [which was on sale at my local grocery store V0NS for 9.99 w. ur membershitp card =D ] and it was harder than i thought. like wtf. i dnt remember it being tht hard in back in grade school dayz but o.well he enoyed it. jus being a really good B i G S i S T E R.

anywho back to my point. im happy the holidays are almost over im jus tired of being tired. like im so tired....i dnt even have the energy to be happy for the holidays. 

we jus got back from going to Christmas Tree Lane aka Lights Festival @ Griffth Park in L.A. [ we go every year] and i missed out on the ENTIRE thing b.cuz i was in the backseat knockd somethin serious ! i was mildly dissappointed buuuuuuut, i'll get ovr it. theres always nxt yr or i go back up later cuz the lights show goes on till dec.30th. anyowho im bout to relax and chow down on my panda express

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