Midnight Snack anyone?

so this is pretty much the best shit evr. 31 Flavors oreo cookies & cream. [ so soft ] & Famous Amos chocolate chip nd pecan cookies.

Wen i eat ice cream i like to put milk in it. mmmm yes. makes it softer to eat so i can get to the cookies easier lol [ yes i eat out the container && yes i ate this whole quart by myself...no not at once...i mean im fat but im not THAAAT fat. sheesh!]

now enter the cookies! yes i put the cookies in my ice cream tht has milk in it. why? b.cuz the milk makes the cookies soft so i get the extra cookie-ness wit my ice cream yes!


chavita!!! <3 said...

haha how cute lol :)

nt skinne n e mo said...

omg i love famous amos cookies. i gotta try those.

i be having those kindof moments. lol