bitch move

so i was tlkn to this guy...long story short he calld himself goin hard on me and shit then calld back 15min later talkn but he sorry.....


u cnt go hard on somebody then turn around say you sorry. bitch move.

i cant stand wen ppl do that. either u meant wat u said or u didnt. if u didnt mean then you wouldnt have said it to begin with. i fall for tht shit "idk where that ccame from its jus came out" no....u thought about that shit before. uggh like foreal

dont call back to say sorry call and be like "well u pissd me off" lol

i have more respect for that.

i mean i kno tht i may look like im barely 16 and all sweet and innocent i dnt need anyone tlkn to me like i am. but i wont allow anyone to talk to me however they feel either. im sure he only apologized cuz he thought my feelings got a lil hurt HA! yea rite

im a big girl i can handle myself

 jus like i express how i feel the person im interested in needs to do that same.

oh speakin of bitches

why is it tht the niggas i act like a bitch to always are the ones hardest to get fckn rid of?

but the niggas i really kinda feel are always m.i.a.

like wtf?

what type of shit is that????

i guess the sayn continues...the things u want the most are the things you cant have. sMh

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[$ H A R O N A] said...


i think it was a bitch move to go hard on you in the first place. if he was a real dude he would let shit roll off his back.