Boys, Boys, Boys

I love Boys.
i love their::

thought process

choice of words



overall style

outlook on life

I love Boys.

i love watching them. i love hangin around my homeboys and jus listen to them talk. i jus sit there and pretend im invisible and watch the conversation unfold. i dont wanna participate...jus simply observe. i really love wen they start to slip on on certain statements/comments b.cuz they've forgotten i was around =]. 

i think the male species if very fascinating, entertaining, && hilarious.  i have 4 brother [yes im the only girl] so im used to jus sittin back and letting the boys talk.

like they say "its better to listen than to be heard"....ladies you'll learn a whole lot more that way. [ plus females tlk to fckn much. y should release so much info about urself @ one time  then get mad wen he doesnt remember...think about wat is it u kno about him. i kno the females species cnt help it; its programed in us but u have to learn to jus shut up sometimes.]


nt skinne n e mo said...

i totally feel you. i love boys.
i love being around them and just laughing at the shit they stay...they more interesting to be around then girls sometimes. lol !!

[$ H A R O N A] said...

i loovvve boys too. and for the EXACT same reasons you do!