weak asfck !

jus been informed that second summer session is cancelled.
im so mad
i wanted to take four classes this summer
but obviously now i cant
so i have to make a another counselors meeting to rearrange my schedule
the only bright side to this is that i'll have a month off for school


Berry vs. Smith

personally i love jada. close race but jada takes it for me :]



my gma wants me to go to church.
i dont wanna go.
im in the process of finding a religion
yes i was born christian
obviously im not.
im so tired of fake christins a.k.a "church go-ers"
being a christian is a life style not jus something you decide to do once a week AFTER you come from parting all night at the club drunk as fuck. [weak ass mess]

obviously they dont kno wat it takes to get into the gates of heaven b.cuz if they did they wouldnt be doing half the shit they do on the weekends.

if your goin to hell then fck it. the problem is knowing that are and fixing it to ensure ur place in heaven but but if really dnt kno that your doomed.

grr. i jus get so pissed at hell bound church go-ers telln me that i should be at church after they jus told me a story about havn sex [pre marriage], while they drunk/high, orr while they all up in the club etc.


H E Y !!

i havent bloggd in a long time. alot has happend.
too much i wont try to cover =]

i love dane cook. i think he his ultra funny. he's gonna be on tonite [ comedy central] at 10pm. yay !

other news. schools almost out and im excited.
geology class is the only class im worried about.
i need to pass that class.
grr fck rocks, tectonic plates, && P waves.

this summer i have summer school.
both summer session
two classes each
it is a must because im applying for schools in oct.
so this summer and fall are very important for me.

but anywho. life is good...[as always] and it can only go up from here.
i cant wait for summer. boogie boarding my lil ass off.



So I'm at school

southwest college

And I'm in speech class and once again my teacher is late.

Like wtf .

Class starts at 9:35

And its 9:41

If the teacher is later than 15min we are allowed to make a roll sheet and leave

This is very appealing but I do need to talk to her

But moving on to a new subject

Today is cinco de mayo and I looooove mexican food.

Where's the fiesta hit me up and let me kno.


Yes I'm really serious.


brag a lil....


last tuesday i was informed that i got the highest score on my psychology midterm.

go me.

my big bro took me to my favorite mexican resturant on the beach

S H A R K E E Z <---- Click for website

u can only find them on 5 beaches in cali.

Santa Barbara

been to all of them except santa barbara lol but i do plan on goin there soon.

i think they are really good.

if you go try the burrito especial. mmm