The Big Chahuna !

so i love love love shopping at victorias secret. i love their PiNK collection especially. all my underwears are from the PiNK line...they're so damn cute ! i have three of the mini stuffd dogs. i love the beauty Rush Lipgloss. idk i jus love them but anyways. 

THE SEMI ANNUAL SALE START DEC.29 at 8am. whoo hoo!! i will b there at 8 am sharp. jus so i can cop my sweats im been dyin for. last time i bought 3 sweat bottoms wit the matching jackets which i love cuz i can wear out. today i did  lil shoppin you kno treat myself cuz i've been wrkn so hard these past coouple of weeks.

1] black lace peep toe pumps
i dnt really wear heels but every girl needs a blk pair always. 
2] White Tan & Gold Wedges
hated wedges at first but discorved how comfortable they really are since i will b wearin 
heels more often. one step at a time right. "baby steps"
3] black v.neck t-shirt
no explanation needed
4] white scoop nek t-shirt
love the scoop neck low like a v-neck but idk makes my top half look hella sexy.
5]blk sweater.
fancy up my style a bit. =]
6] size 5 Long skinny jeans [dark denim]
ehh no size three was avaible but the 5 fits nice. not to tight so my gma was complaints free. 
plus they make my "boo-tay" look pretty nice. but i do wanna pop them in the washer && 
dryer for a for "fitter" fit. ya feelz
7] lace high neck racer back style shirt
very dressy and conservative...for new years.
8]tangerine rib tankd
needed a wierd colored tank

yea i cnt wait till monday. heading up to the beverly center to shop. tired of the same as wack ass people at the Galleria and Del Amo Mallz lol


Ask 'nd you shall recieve??

**What i askd for christmas....
xbox 360. not arcade and not elite. jus a  xbox 360. i mean the elite would be nice but im not gonna push my father for more b.cuz im sure he wasnt gonna get it for me for christmas and as my knowledge proves me right. this gift i did not open christmas morning. but he promised to get it for my birthday which is only two weeks away. =] January 15 "Capricorn Baby".

**What i got for christmas...
1] a cute petite black watch with silver facing outlined with diamonds.
my gma pickd out. i mean not an ideal present but she did good. the only problem is its incrediably hard to tell time on it b.cuz everything is so tiny. so we're going on sunday to see  what other watch i can trade it in for.
2] a tote bag from Victoria's Secret PiNK.
my mom knows i love everything PiNK. so couldnt go wrong...but i kno she held out on me 
PRODUCT. sooo tht means she bought somethin for herself which is fine cuz she got me two
new spiffy pairs of undies. tht i accent my assets pretty nicely. =D
3] a $25 giftcard to JCPenny.
my other gma. ehhh....need some more bras anyway 


riding on fumez

so like in two hours its going to be officially C H R I S T M A S ! i mean yea im excitd..on the inside. its hard to tell from my neverending attitude but i cnt help it wit the insane level of ignorance of my customers, not to mention the fact tht i havent had a day off in two weeks. yes i wrkd today on Christmas eve. i prolly would have wrkd tmrw if the mall was open. then back at wrk on fri [ the worse day] cuz now all the lil kiddos have their Christmas money they are dying to spend and they wanna try on half of the fckn store before they decided they only want one pair of jeans and a damn basic t-shirt. =/. i dnt go in till 6 b.cuz the mall doesnt close until 11 which is hella horrible. b.cuz i have a feeling i will be there cleanin up these rugrats shit and doin all the damn go-backs until 3am.

no 3am is not an exaggeration . one night we had we didnt leave until 345 and i had to be back at wrk at noon the next day. uggh! which means i wasnt home until a lil after 4am and i wasnt sleep until 540 and b back up at 10am. man so i havent been having the correct amount of sleep to keep me functioning properly....in otherwrds getting the proper amount of sleep so tht i wont be miss.grouchy biotch during the waking hours. 

monday nite i was exhausted got off of wrk at 7 but i still had to pick up my bro from mymom house and bring him home wit me so we could make his surprise gingerbread kit i got him [which was on sale at my local grocery store V0NS for 9.99 w. ur membershitp card =D ] and it was harder than i thought. like wtf. i dnt remember it being tht hard in back in grade school dayz but o.well he enoyed it. jus being a really good B i G S i S T E R.

anywho back to my point. im happy the holidays are almost over im jus tired of being tired. like im so tired....i dnt even have the energy to be happy for the holidays. 

we jus got back from going to Christmas Tree Lane aka Lights Festival @ Griffth Park in L.A. [ we go every year] and i missed out on the ENTIRE thing b.cuz i was in the backseat knockd somethin serious ! i was mildly dissappointed buuuuuuut, i'll get ovr it. theres always nxt yr or i go back up later cuz the lights show goes on till dec.30th. anyowho im bout to relax and chow down on my panda express



Great movie.

i wish i could describe how it made me feel. all i kno is will smith once again did an awesome job and the plot was on point. it made me tear up a throughout the whole damn movie and even made me shed one tear lol. surprisingly hard cuz i dnt like it wen ppl cry doing movies. but this movie made me feel  him and feel like i could relate. all i kno is depending on how u look at it; it made me grateful that i can breathe without help. i can run because i have legs and hug ppl b.cuz i have arms. i want to love.




becuase i have the emotion to do it. not holding because im afraid to get hurt. whats life without risks?

its like practicing for sport. your gonna get hurt alot before you actually learn how to do it right. even then u may still get hurt but u kno the pain is nothing compared the blissfulness you felt wen u were doin it right. makes you wanna keep trying and dammit imma keep trying !

idk i kno i went waaay off topic but all in all. go pay tht $11.50 to see the movie. i cant tell you wut its about w.o givn it away so jus go see it.



i kept hearn ppl talk about it but i have no idea how to wrk it. 


i dnt even kno how to search for ppl.

if u have one


bitch move

so i was tlkn to this guy...long story short he calld himself goin hard on me and shit then calld back 15min later talkn but he sorry.....


u cnt go hard on somebody then turn around say you sorry. bitch move.

i cant stand wen ppl do that. either u meant wat u said or u didnt. if u didnt mean then you wouldnt have said it to begin with. i fall for tht shit "idk where that ccame from its jus came out" no....u thought about that shit before. uggh like foreal

dont call back to say sorry call and be like "well u pissd me off" lol

i have more respect for that.

i mean i kno tht i may look like im barely 16 and all sweet and innocent i dnt need anyone tlkn to me like i am. but i wont allow anyone to talk to me however they feel either. im sure he only apologized cuz he thought my feelings got a lil hurt HA! yea rite

im a big girl i can handle myself

 jus like i express how i feel the person im interested in needs to do that same.

oh speakin of bitches

why is it tht the niggas i act like a bitch to always are the ones hardest to get fckn rid of?

but the niggas i really kinda feel are always m.i.a.

like wtf?

what type of shit is that????

i guess the sayn continues...the things u want the most are the things you cant have. sMh



online ording is the best. omfg! like the internet is the best thing invented.

you can call online. aim[yahoo,msn,skype etc.] w.o runnin up long distance phone bills.

me and my gma stay on the chipotle online. pizza online ording...and Lucilles like damn. no waiting.  jus order online then go pick it up. 

i mean i would love to elaborate more on the subject but i jus orderd my chipotle online. and i need to go pick it up.


put a ring on it? i mean the song is coo. has a real catchy beat. but the lyrics are like wtf?

"if you like it then u shoulda put a ring on it"???

like seriously wut type of shit is like. so if a nigga like me he gotta wife me up? wut evr happend to love. 
idk maybe beyonce means "if he likd the life he had" then he shoulda wifed her. either way. she still on top and i'll still listen to her music.

postd the videos to entertain the fella's to see beyonce gyrate and for the ladies to take notes lol


Boys w. Girls

for some strange reason me and my best fren keep attractin niggas tht already got girls. like wtf?
do you really think that i still wanna tlk to you ? and breakin up wit ur girl wont do anything cuz if u tlkn to me while u wit her if i was wit u, u'd do the same shit to me.

i swear niggas be on one. dnt lie about havn a girl.

one:im not into cheaters cuz i believe in karma
two: i refuse to come second to another female who isnt his mother,sister,or grandmother.

then they chick wanna be mad. like bitch u need to check yo nigga. bein mad at me aint gonna stop him from tlkn to me. i mean i can see if i knew he had a girl and i still tried to mess wit him but if i have no idea then lookn at me sideways aint gonna solve ur damn relationship problems. i hate females like tht.

any2ho... decided im takn a break from all males. friends only. nothing more.i need a break im exhausted. 


the best type of party.

you to get to socialize and dance if u want

w.o gettin to crazy.

drink and/or smoke. sometimes theres food around which is a super bonus. but i jus love kickbacks.

great way to meet people...i would throw one buuut i live wit my g.ma one: she is not bout to have that shit goin down. two: we live in a condo complex wit a bunch of old white ppl lol. 



its the best. thats how i did it wen i first started 'nd thats how i love to do it now.

for those of u who are confused about what im talkn bout.....ask somebody


Laugh My Ass Off.

so i've been feelin kinds "blahh" lately. i mean life is good. but im tryna make it better 'nd its like the more i try the harder the shit gets. still a bit annoyed at my mom along wit other shit tht got my hopes up only to smack them back the fuck down...lower than it started ...anywho...i love 


best site evr. i watch funny falls or pranks basically anything where someone can potientially get seriously injured or die but doesnt and jus hurts themselves really bad....which makes it on ok for me to laugh.

sooo here some  serious funnies that have cheered me up !

^^ * notice his face in the sand while the wave washes ovr his head. LMAO

^^ *notice the black niggas LMAO

^^ * notice fckn everyone !! LMAO


::angry face::

happiness is over-rated.

its only last for so long until 

my mother goes to piss me off.

i secretly think thts her life's mission

i hate tht she lies soooo fckn much !

but my g.ma is like "dnt call ur mom a liar; u kno god dont like tht"

da fck??

Shit God dnt like liars either. so me && him on the same fckn page !!

she does this all the time....my mother.

why lie wen im gonna find out the truth.

fccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccck !!


Midnight Snack anyone?

so this is pretty much the best shit evr. 31 Flavors oreo cookies & cream. [ so soft ] & Famous Amos chocolate chip nd pecan cookies.

Wen i eat ice cream i like to put milk in it. mmmm yes. makes it softer to eat so i can get to the cookies easier lol [ yes i eat out the container && yes i ate this whole quart by myself...no not at once...i mean im fat but im not THAAAT fat. sheesh!]

now enter the cookies! yes i put the cookies in my ice cream tht has milk in it. why? b.cuz the milk makes the cookies soft so i get the extra cookie-ness wit my ice cream yes!



i hate it wen people say

"i hate to do this...."


"i hate to put u on the spot..."


"i hate to say this...."

like wtf?
how about u jus dnt hate it and jus not do it?!

dont ask me for a huge favor then compliment me afterwards. thts jus so annoying

D A R I A lovers...

DARIA. omg i loved this show. decided to watch as many episodes on youtube as i could find. this was the first one i found which reminded me why i love this show so much. Daria is such a low-key ass. i love her sarcastic-ness [ like meeeee lol]

"see its this thing called personality..." haha
"your not as superficial as you act, im sure you jus feel obliged to stress the moronic aspects of ur personailty..." funniest shit. love how she
called her a moron in a nice way. lol


Boys, Boys, Boys

I love Boys.
i love their::

thought process

choice of words



overall style

outlook on life

I love Boys.

i love watching them. i love hangin around my homeboys and jus listen to them talk. i jus sit there and pretend im invisible and watch the conversation unfold. i dont wanna participate...jus simply observe. i really love wen they start to slip on on certain statements/comments b.cuz they've forgotten i was around =]. 

i think the male species if very fascinating, entertaining, && hilarious.  i have 4 brother [yes im the only girl] so im used to jus sittin back and letting the boys talk.

like they say "its better to listen than to be heard"....ladies you'll learn a whole lot more that way. [ plus females tlk to fckn much. y should release so much info about urself @ one time  then get mad wen he doesnt remember...think about wat is it u kno about him. i kno the females species cnt help it; its programed in us but u have to learn to jus shut up sometimes.]


Rockn My Ugly

 so im watchn the Tyra Banks show and shes talkn about beauty verses ugly

one girl feels ugly w.o her weave

one girl feels ugly w.o her make-up
one girl feels ugly w.o her tan

so tyra made them remove their makeup, weave, && tan [it was lotion lmao] and stand in a H&M display in manhatten. they felt so insecure and the one of them broke down and left the display.

there was another girl on had a scar oh her from an biking accident [she got hit by a car] wen she was nine. had more than 25 sugeries since then to minimize the scar.

then tyra had 4 more girls come one who thought they were the shit.

[[btw. tyra does a hilarious white girl impression.]]

anywho...the whole point of the show was to embrace yourself flaws and all but to love your flaws too.  i've come to love my flaws .

==> some old pics of me && my frens rockn our ugly. =D


Treat Others...

"Treat others how you wanna be treated"_unknown

i dont like this saying. its so not true. sometimes no matter how nice or sweet you are some people will still treat you like shit. so in other words

"people will treat you how u let them treat you" _Me

this is wat i say instead b.cuz its most fitting to life. if you dont demand the respect with your attitude && swagg then u wont get treated with respect.
if you let someone continuously treat you like shit and run over you then they will just because they can.


Away && Status Messages

away messages are like blogs but much shorter and get straight to the moral of the story in about a sentence or two.

i love to have quotes or snippetts from songs in my status messages according to wats goin on in my life or how im feeling.

but sometimes wen i put up a song tht im jus really feeling and change it around a lil bit to fit me i see tht certain ppl get a lil uneasy about it...or they think im talkn bout them. which is hella annoying. especially wen its a somethin they get all anal about it. wen really i dnt notice how they may feel it may b about them until they point it out. like wtf

but i like doing tht. see who feels guilty about something. its funny to see certain ppls reactions to something tht has nothing to do with them and tht tells me so much more about them.


there.... i admitted it. my  fam thinks i need to see a psychiatrist && my moms bright idea is family therapy [wtf?!] but really my problem is them.im pretty sane to b apart of my family.[krazies].
 they say im gettin "outta control"....wutevr. my problems:

 1] the one thing i want i cant have 

2]too much time on my hands

3]my "idntcare" attitude leaves me too indecisive about issues tht should already b decided on. 

4] cnt like a boy for longer than month b4 i loose interest cuz i've decided "im bored"

5] i party too much

6] ;nd i live for change. i thrive on it. always going from extreme to the next.

7] lately i havent been sleeping at nite. and i wont even take a nap during the day anymore. i wonder what a lack of sleep does to the body....?

well i guess we'll seee how my problems "work out" in the nxt month in time for new years.