Laugh My Ass Off.

so i've been feelin kinds "blahh" lately. i mean life is good. but im tryna make it better 'nd its like the more i try the harder the shit gets. still a bit annoyed at my mom along wit other shit tht got my hopes up only to smack them back the fuck down...lower than it started ...anywho...i love 


best site evr. i watch funny falls or pranks basically anything where someone can potientially get seriously injured or die but doesnt and jus hurts themselves really bad....which makes it on ok for me to laugh.

sooo here some  serious funnies that have cheered me up !

^^ * notice his face in the sand while the wave washes ovr his head. LMAO

^^ *notice the black niggas LMAO

^^ * notice fckn everyone !! LMAO


FLYBOIZ said...

youtube is the best
i swear youtube is the devil

Yves said...

lol what the hell...