::angry face::

happiness is over-rated.

its only last for so long until 

my mother goes to piss me off.

i secretly think thts her life's mission

i hate tht she lies soooo fckn much !

but my g.ma is like "dnt call ur mom a liar; u kno god dont like tht"

da fck??

Shit God dnt like liars either. so me && him on the same fckn page !!

she does this all the time....my mother.

why lie wen im gonna find out the truth.

fccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccck !!

1 comment:

dauche said...

Maybe the truth is; she can't handle the truth. Being called a liar wouldn't happen if you didn't... lie maybe. haha. damn that sucks. You'll probably have to come up with an alternative for the word "liar". It sounds like you have some things that you'd actually want to put out on the table. lol; you sound frustrated; like you need to go scream. stay up mamas don't let moms get to you.