Rockn My Ugly

 so im watchn the Tyra Banks show and shes talkn about beauty verses ugly

one girl feels ugly w.o her weave

one girl feels ugly w.o her make-up
one girl feels ugly w.o her tan

so tyra made them remove their makeup, weave, && tan [it was lotion lmao] and stand in a H&M display in manhatten. they felt so insecure and the one of them broke down and left the display.

there was another girl on had a scar oh her from an biking accident [she got hit by a car] wen she was nine. had more than 25 sugeries since then to minimize the scar.

then tyra had 4 more girls come one who thought they were the shit.

[[btw. tyra does a hilarious white girl impression.]]

anywho...the whole point of the show was to embrace yourself flaws and all but to love your flaws too.  i've come to love my flaws .

==> some old pics of me && my frens rockn our ugly. =D



ariele said...

psssh tyra gets on my nerve. what she needed to do was remove her lace front, spanx and makeup in stand in tht display herself..but anyways lol i like that u "embracing ur ugly" hahaha

this put a smile on my face

[$ H A R O N A] said...

i saw that same episode. i rock my ugly when im too lazy or sick.


iM.R0Ni said...

hahaha i think evryone rocks their ugly then lmao.

Anonymous said...

i loved that episode...i wish i was around (i forgot where the public mirror was) to rock my ugly lol