Roni you tlk white...

no bitch...you jus tlk ignorant.


im srry but tht shit really irks me.

so i talk "white" b.cuz i actually pronounce all the syllables in my words? oh wait no i talk "white" b.cuz i actually sound like i have some common sense??

so for me to sound "black" i have to speak ebonics/ebonix [howevr u spell it] and use all this slang shit?

i think that is sooooo stupid. but i bet if your black and you go for a job interview you try to speak in your "whitest" tone evr huh??

idk i guess it different reading wat i write verses how i actually say the words b.cuz i kno u tell the way i say things. u see wat i say[think] now how i say it.

like they say its about presentation and delivery.

everyone i meet 1st impressions last a long time so i would like to get positive points first before digging myself into a hole.

another reason why i choose to speak "proper" is besides the fact my nani drilld me like crazy to speak correctly...... my name is Tyronica [tie-ron-ika] which i think is soo fckn ghetto. like can u imagine wut potential employers think wen they see my resume or application. lmao. shame ! yes the first line they see is Tyronica Monett Briggs. my name should be bekka or ashley, or Chelsea idk [some "white" shit]


Jervis said...

fuck wat they say, hatin ass. keep your intellect,and pronouncing your words correctly

Anonymous said...

i wrote an entire blog about this
acting blaCc, actin white Thing
all of it is pure ignorance to me
be yourself
if that means talkin proper thats u
my friends sumtimes get on me too
but idgaf

BrittNicole said...

i feel yu on this...
its dumb. yu be yu and thats it.
none of that fake ish.