Let's Just Do it...

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes `nd Missy Elliots new song.

ehh im hav`n serious mixd feelings about the song

on one hand it makes me very irritated and sad b.cuz who in the world decided
this was the right timing to come out with a song. its like why would u do this???
its only a reminder of a great artist we don't have. =[ are they gonna put out another unreleased single or album then have her disappear again? [thts rude...wutta teaser !] i wonder if there's gonna be a video?

but on the other hand it makes me somewat excited cuz its like "aye remember how bomb she was?" its like one final last jam.

B.T.W.[ since we on the subject of deceased artist...]

ooh and who the fck said Keisha Cole could do a song w. Tupac. uggh ! now tht shit is annoying. like wtf? i loved k.coles first album but after taking a peek at her show it made me not like her. i mean i'll listen to some of her songs "sometimes" but im just annoyed by her entire being in the music industry and now she has the nerve to have a song w. Tupac. sMh !!

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