Very Young Girls

so last nite i was watchn a showtime original documentary about young black prostitues in New York telln their stories. so sad most of them get pulld in by older boyfriends or niggas playn the "father" role to these young 12&&13yr old girls who have no father figure. uggh ! this one nigga gone say how he love her blah blah and he'll do anything for her and would she do anything for him...ofcourse "young&& dumb"she says yes 'nd he rationalized evrythng w. "yu'll fck for free but u wont fck for money?!" b.cuz she's so in "love" wit him she does it.

These Pimps keeps this girls under close watch 24/7 and limits to there contact to any friends and family. This way they are soley dependant on them and if they try to leave them they will have no where else to turn to. its so sad.
it makes me be thankful for the life i have and that i never had to go thru a hard time. i these girls had so many unanswered questions and i bet the people they askd had no answer for them but i believe there is a  solution to every problem because event he word IMPOSSIBLE it re-reads at "IM-POSSIBLE". i want to help but im sure i can only get so far b.cuz i nevr been in their shoes or been where they been thru but i think thts the advantage im proof tht there is a different way to live life.

below is the trailer and you can visit the website by clicking here

the movie is currently showing on Showtime OnDemand. watch it. think about it.


nt skinne n e mo said...

this is so true. its really sad.

im always watchin stuff like this.


like me and moms was driving down figuero and it was probably 12 and we drive by this girl and a car blocking the street and we just looking...then we see its a mexican guy and the girl must of been 17..looking real cute (no homo). she didnt look like no hooker...me andmoms just shoke our head and yelled out the window you should b in school....she must of heard us staring and just turned around and smiled...

like does that suppose to be cute ?

we keep driving and saw like 2 more girls.

its so sad

Yves said...

wow @ the average age being 13.