America's Best Dance Crew

so tonite i went to their taping in Los Angeles and it premieres thurs Jan.15 [my bday]

the whole process was long and jus plain looooooooong. like it was line after line after line !

first you have to wait in line to check in & and sign a contract sayin a bunch a shit u cnt do and tht if u tell the results of the show u will get sued for $5million dollars and on top of tht u will also pay for any extra fees i.e attornies etc. it cost them to take u to court to sue you]. then wait in another line to b walkd across the street to the studios. wen u get there u have to wait in another line to go thru security. then u get escorted to a "waitng area" which is a basically a long ass line where they were giving out free Rockstar energy drinks[for wut reason idk] where u stand for about an hour and half till they're ready to put in a line to fill up the studio... i was so ready to go but i love the show and this was my first time to the taping so i guess i had to "pain" thru it.

this was really hard for me since i have like ZERO patience i must say i did complain the whole time to my brother lol who im sure was tired of my whining and huffin and puffing.

so we got in and were seating and b.cuz it was only me and my brother there were two available seats smack dapp in the front. [floor seats] but it was like on the side of the stage so seeing the performances from the front angle would b completely impossible. there was a lil dance off. at the end of the show we did the wave [superfun] the only sucky part was u have to clap and yell on cue for a long time. like i thought ilike smiling but damn wen somebody is telln me wen to smile and for how long it makes me..eehhh about it lol we had to act excitd for the whole time which is understandable but damn i was gettin exhausted ! [ i guess this was their whole point of handinog out the free energy drinks]

i said i wouldnt be going again for a while b.cuz of the long waiting but me and my borther got askd to comeback nxt week since we were dancing for the nxt weeks show we're calld "krazy fans" lmao. wep ! dnt like the title but hopefully we get better seating and we're supposedly are gonna bypass the whole line thing. cuz tht was a killer !

we had to do shots ovr. i mean i wasnt tht bad. i jus didnt expect to "WRK" lol they kept it fun by doing contest wit the sections [which section could get evryone to dance...ofcourse my section won !] lol so yea fun times.



Jervis said...

man I cant wait till that shit comes on.

iM.R0Ni said...

yes. i happy its back !

Chae NewBreed said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT IT TAKES SO much just to practically be a SPECTATOR.
i don't know how you did it...i would have pulled my hair out.

iM.R0Ni said...