81 Questions
[i kno this is long as fck but hey...]

Name: Tyronica [plz dnt choke on it]
Nickname: Roni
Best memory: dnt have a "best" i have alot of great memories
Worst memory: rather not mention it.
Best dream: Me and my uno numero boo were married
Worst nightmare: being married to this one ex-pyscho i usd to tlk to
Weaknesses: boys w. sparkly eyes and pretty smiles [dimples] oh and males tht can JERK really good w. their own flava
Strengths: manipulating [sad i kno]
Anyone have the same birthday as you?: yes ! MARTIN L. KING JR.
Would you...
die for a friend?: umm...i wouldnt die on purpose but i would put my life in danger.
die for your crush/bf/gf?: a crush? puh-lease ! but for a bf...see above.
die for your family?: immediate...distant relatives dnt count lol
ever kill yourself?: haha i love myself too much
Kill someone else?: if i could get away w. it. sure. but only if no one would really miss them or if they tried to kill me.[ i'd toture them for a couple weeks b4 killn them]
If you had to choose- save your cat or save your enemy?: my cat duh ! i dnt have any enemies ! but i would save a human ovr a pet even if they were an "enemy"
rather freeze or burn to death?: freeze. haha b.cuz u go numb and dyin tht way fees like fallin asleep...i heard
admit you love someone?: ofcourse.
break the law or lie to save a friend?: this has my name written alll ovr it
Have you ever...
cut yourself?: not on purpose but hasnt evryone at one point wit the scissors...damn onions !
been in love?: yea... i feel to fast
thought about suicide?: yes.
hated someone so much you thought you would really kill them?: ugggh yes
starved yourself?: haha no. im too fat for tht
forced yourself to cry?: forced? i dnt much to begin with
forced yourself to throw up?: heck no!
betrayed a friend?: not on purpose
hurt someone else so you would feel better about yourself?: no
Which is worse?
your friend dying or your parent dying: my parent. duh !
losing all your old memories or never being able to make new ones: loosing. b.cuz in order not to make new one u would die !
being rejected by someone you love or having your feelings returned only...: being rejectd by someone i love
to be dumped a month later: ....
being raped or willingly having sex and later regretting it: being raped
having no emotions or only being happy once every couple of months: only being happy every couple of months
losing all your friends on earth or never having found God: who says u will evr find god?
being dumped or dumping someone: being dumpd
falling in love with an anime character or falling in love with a celebrity: anime character. duh ! they arent real
a friend moving away or losing touch with a friend who lives right near you: a friend moving away
What is your dream in life?: being successful
Do you have insomnia?: not anymore
Do you often wake up in the middle of the night after a bad dream?: dnt have bad dreams
Do you get deja vu?: all the time
Did you ever have a dream that came true?: i think once or twice
What about a nightmare?: nope
Did you ever have a realistic dream that truly scared you?: not scared me but excited me
Do you daydream?: majority of my day consist of it
Have you ever dreamed you were falling?: yes
Greatest fears: being a bum
What are you not afraid of at all?: arguements
Name a weird phobia you have.: goliath lol went on it once ..nvr again unless im gettin paid !
Has your fear ever come true?: no
Is your fear a common fear?: yes
Any particular reason for the fear?: im sure its self explanatory
Does it ever control your life?: yes. but in a good way
Have you had nightmares about the fear?: no
Are you more afraid of rejection or failure?: isnt evryone?
The Past
Most missed memory: carson days
How have your feelings changed throughout your life?: every emotion has been in my life.
First memory: idk
Happiest childhood memory: drill team in grade school
Saddest childhood memory: dnt have one
What was your first word?: uhh...i have to ask my mother
First friend?: i was a baby. idk
First crush?: this boy named Junior lol
First love?: is dead and gone
What would you do if...
your best friend died because of you?: i'll need a psychotrist and depression pills
your true love moved out of the country?: move with them
your friend gave you the choice of cheating on the really tough math final?: C H E A T. fake it till u make it
a friend offered you drugs or alcohol?: ummm...we'd do two shots togehter...but after i hit the blunt
a friend of the same gender told you they were gay and asked you out?: my "friend" would already kno Roni dnt get dwn like tht
your bf/gf asked you to have sex with them?: they wouldnt have to ask
you were sexually abused?: after i get checkd out @ the hospital i'll beat the fck outta them. well after my fam gets to him lol
you were betrayed by someone you trusted and cared about?: erase them from my life
you found out your friend wanted to die?: ask them wut the fck they problem is all of a sudden
Final Thoughts
Are you saved?: once upon a time...
Do you believe in God?: i believe in a higher power
Why or why not?: this God thing is iffy
Are you depressed or sad all the time?: nope
What are you hoping for in the future?: love && happiness
What makes you happy?: alot of things...im not hard to please
What makes you sad?: ignorance
Do you believe in the Bible?: i have one; not sure i believe it
Why or why not?: see final thoughts question 2

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Jervis said...

the longest blog I ever read. yo ya playlist is GUTTAH. u get points for that