First Day

so today was my first day back to school. and its my first day at a new school too. i was previously attending Cerritos but since i live in lawndale i had a choice of going to either Southwest or El Camino since they was closer. i chose Southwest since my fren Torri goes there haha even tho our schedules arent the same atleast i can see a familar face every once in a while.

But my first day was way better than i expected. my Pyschology professor is so fckn hilarious. and he is going to be on tv next week for some show. i'll post it wen it actually airs and i can get it off youtube.

My poli sci class is wutevr. i personally dont think politcal science is interesting but since we will be doing a project on the President Elect Obama and his cabinet i might find something that i would actually want to pay some attention to. tmrw we are getting assignd groups hopefully i get paired with the cutie in my class. but it will suck is he jus for looks cuz i deal wit no slackers in group wrk lol.


Anonymous said...

ugh new sko0l half way thru the year i sowwies lol
gud luCk tho =]

Anonymous said...

aw hopefully you'll adapt to the new school!

A.R. said...

i'm glad your first day was good. =]

nt skinne n e mo said...

im always iffy about going to new schools ...at first i went to smc...then west la. two very differnt schools...but it was that bad.

hope all is well for the rest of the year.

iM.R0Ni said...

thx everyone ! lol i thought about smc but damns its far for me. uggh! ive im still in the same general area i might think about goin there im guess the drive will b worth it.