so. its took me awhile to post b.cuz i wasnt sure jus how to approach this situation. 
im so sick and tired of everyone sayn "new year new me" like wtf? wut does the new year mean? your life is still gonna be the same as it was dec.31.2008. 

life doesnt change; you can change how you live and life will follow suit.

i didnt make any new year resolutions b.cuz if i make some they're usually stupid or i dnt follow thru. change only happens if u really want it and i dnt think you should have to wait until to new year to make it. you only have this moment to change b.cuz ur nxt moment isnt promised.

but my new years was good. spent it wit my besties and my bro. smoked and took two shots of unknown then had a cup of so really great pink stuff lol.

yes the new years was good. and school starts on monday ehhh =|

im excited and wutevr at the same time. its school i have to get thru it to make money.

so Reflection of 2008.

January 15, 2008 i got in contact wit my long lost older brother Keinan. this day is special b.cuz t his was my first time meeting him and it was my birthday where i had a dinner party at CPK @ Hollywood &&  Highland wit my church ppls. [ yes back then i was super religious]
March got my flaky best fren a job at my store which turnd out to be a huge mistake. she only lasted a month lol. wep !
May school ended and my partying lifestyle began nd so my smokin came into the picture. went to church less and less and decided tht wasnt a life i was ready to live.
Summer is big blurrr...full of clubs,parties, kickbacks, beach days, wrk, sleep, alcohol, weed, and boys....lots and lots of boys.
Everyone one was shockd at my sudden change but i felt it was long ovrdue since i was always the "good girl" i was against everything tht was wrong. and now look at me...a complete 180 turn of where i used to be. A good church girl  gone....

yes 2008 was the most changing year for me. i may have pickd up some bad habbits but i also pickd up some really good ones too. i started walkng and exercising more often and eating healthier breakfasts [start the day off right] but i nvr quit eatin my mexican big fat juicy burritos ! [ they didnt say u have to end ur day right ]

oh yea...last week i bought my first pair of wedges....yes i walkd thru the entire Beverly Center Mall in them w.o falling or my feet hurting lol.

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