ketchup to my mustard...

^^^ funny title eh? do u get it? [catch up to my must-heard] lol

dumb...i kno but it was well worth a try.

So my "BiRTHDAY WEEKEND" didnt go as planned not one little bit.

Original Plan:
Thurs-Smoke out && Club
Fri-Dinner && Movies
Sat-MLK Parade && Some Party
Sun-was open for resting && jus to to chill in general
Mon- Beach Day

i mean tht sounded like a real nice weekend for me since i was only turning 20 nothin too crazy or out of the norm.

Thurs: i went to school as planned...no point of really missing plus i had a test in poli sci. went to long beach where my cuzin, lil bro, & his homies smoked me out somethin serious. i smoke about a lil of everything...it was great. so me my bro and my cuzin head back to my house later tht nite to get ready for the club. we get to the club park in valet parking and give the attendant our keys and head to the line. we get closer to the front and i realize i forgt my id in the car....ugh dnt feel like typin all this shit..anyways long story short. we're walkn bk to the car after some bullshit wit the promoter at the club and see my besties car gettin brokin into and we see a guy gettin out her car. we chase after him and we the police catch him. but tlkn to the police was a long process. 'nd it turns out my bro new the kid from middle school...yes ofcourse he had to b blk. =/ nd thts how my actually birthday went.

Fri: My bestie Britt came out here from Rancho and we went to get a Mani-Pedi [where i got my nail blk for the first time evr]. some how i got ovr the whole dinner thing and jus wanted to go to the movies but as always it didnt wrk out. my old bro told me bout a party in westminister but failed to mention it was 18+ so wen we got there he ask if everyone had their id and then i realize mmy cuzin wasnt 18. so we headed to taco bell

where we saw a couple in a car gettin frisky. which was highly entertaining. lol [peeping was the high light of tht nite]

Sat: got up early for the mlk parad in long beach tokk my lil bro and it was me and my besties all day and our lil bros'. we ended up being in the parade cuz my fren was in it adnd then seh calld me from her phone and askd if we wanted to march with them so they would have more ppl. it as fun & hot. later tht night i went to a new theatre at the Palos Verdes mall to see my Bloody Valentine 3D. love tht theatre now. the movie was good but could used the 3D effect more often.

Sun: Beach day. nothin went wrong except for the fact tht my lil bro and my lil cuzin decided to play "gun" with their hands extra loud at Manhatten Beach [white ppl]. then we headed bak to my house to get into the pool and jacuzzi.

and today i jus slept all day and bout to bake a cake and do hmwrk. wutta weeknd. wasnt all bad but i still had fun and i didnt even party .

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