can.u.say Meiko ??

ok. so i listen to all types of music. i really love the American Indie, Acoustic, soul and Alternative genres. I listen to them more than anything.

Above is one of my fav newly signed artist M E I K O . shes is signed wit
Myspace Records. she released her self-titled album sept.07 independently and wen she signed with Myspace Records they remastered and re-recorded some tracks and re-realsed the album [on sale on amazon ]. anywho im sure ur gettin bored now. anways check out her album on Imeem i love it. my favorite at the moment is in the playlist calld "hiding" && watch her video i thought it was pretty entertaining. ok im done boring you ! enjoy...

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Taylorgotbeats said...

I like her too, the sound is really different