i've decided .

today i've come to the conclusion that something is mentally not completely right with me.

[i kno...probably not the best thing to admit to, but who do u kno who is sane 100%?]

my point exactly.

well its not like im crazypsycho [yes.one word.] or anything.

my decision about my "mental disorder" is ADHD.


i've noticed the older the i get the more impatient i get. i have like zero patience for anything or anyone.

doesnt take long for me to start averting my attention to someone or something else.

my mind stays wondering. its hard for me to focus for long periods on time. especially on somethin im not interestd in doing to begin w. ANYTHING will get my attention and keep it...until i find somethin that is more captivating than wat i am currently focused on.

it was really bothering me today at wrk 'nd me and my co-wrks were joking about it so i decided to come home and take a online test....[psych central.com

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