last nite...

wow. last nite was an experience on more than one level. my G.Daddy wanted to go to a strip club so i took him and dragged my good friend Allie along w. me ! lol. it was crazy the club was overall wack...nothing like the Players Club lmao. but it was only like three dancers really worth anything i mean im sure i could have done better than the rest. And not to mention the akwardness wen i realized i recognized one of the girls from my modeling class i took when i was in middle school. [it wasnt apart of the school, but i was in middle school wen i took it]. the modeling was a nice and we had a big show at the Carson community center. it was weird like..wow....so this is wat u've grown up to be? she kept talkn and lookn at this one blk hottie...which allie said was her "Pimp" ahaha. no not funny really. i hope all she does is strip and those is her homie or boyfriend...she looks healthy so im sure she's not strung out on drugs. anywho this isnt about her. my G.Daddy enjoyed himself but he needs to be taken to a real bomb strip club cuz these girls were kinda weak.

Picture Plus:: My Bro, Me, and my cuzin Paul from last nite. i love them. and i finally got the jerk down good. yea i was fckn it up last nite. lol. cnt wait till the next party.

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