grr. i thought about him today

which always suxx cuz that turns into a continuous stream of "thinking of him"

wep....i kno

best fren was ovr and we ended up on fckn myspace

btw.i really hate myspace [`nd fckn twitter.bullshit]

i was curious to see who was in my "FAVORITES" b.cuz i forgot.

i normally only check my messages and comments and bounce

but like a dummy i went to my favorites jus curious if he had updated his page

he did

nothin special jus a new default pic and some extra nonsense =]

checkd his comments...bunch of party invites.bullshit

except for a few flirty comments

im not jealous.

im ovr him.


"he" and "i" will nvr be "us" and "we"


"day `nd night im always the same. not ready for those words bcuz this isnt a game. no way i'll evr admit it. only guilty cuz i didnt do it. today isnt the same as last week but life was different way back then. misunderstood then but now maybe its seen i was only preparing myself for t`day cuz i learn`d my lesson a long time ago."

[ . T H E . E N D . ]

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