this is gettin out of hand

so ystrday im at work.

boo =[

so anyway like 4 girls barely in high school come lolly gaggin in
and my co-wrkr tells me that she over heard them talkn about how one of the girls is pregnant.

like wo000000w

they were super young only like in ninth or tenth grade at the MOST
and your pregnant like wtf.

how are u gonna have a baby and yo ass havent even passed the CAHSEE? [ california high school exit exam.]

i see so many young girls having babies in high school now its ridiculous.


keeps gettin younger and younger.

i wonder wat the world will be like in 30 years?

u kno waay bk in the day they couldnt even show couples sleeping in the same bed on tv but now we can see bow wow nutz on tv. damn.


FLYBOIZ said...

truer words were never spoken

Whatcha Nameis said...

uqhmygosh . I thought it was only this part of newyork . . . like whatthefreeeeaak !
That's what you've been doinq, all that time you said you were going to the mall ???
I swear its the water, it has to be . . . well idk , its somethinq the music ? All I know
its disgusting and someone needs to control this epidemic. Because the 2O TH is pro
ducing the new Baby Boom. && I'm afraid.