my gma wants me to go to church.
i dont wanna go.
im in the process of finding a religion
yes i was born christian
obviously im not.
im so tired of fake christins a.k.a "church go-ers"
being a christian is a life style not jus something you decide to do once a week AFTER you come from parting all night at the club drunk as fuck. [weak ass mess]

obviously they dont kno wat it takes to get into the gates of heaven b.cuz if they did they wouldnt be doing half the shit they do on the weekends.

if your goin to hell then fck it. the problem is knowing that are and fixing it to ensure ur place in heaven but but if really dnt kno that your doomed.

grr. i jus get so pissed at hell bound church go-ers telln me that i should be at church after they jus told me a story about havn sex [pre marriage], while they drunk/high, orr while they all up in the club etc.


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whiteskinpoppin. said...

i completely understand! i dislike people who say one thing and do another. i don't drink or get high, but i also don't go to church either. i do believe in God, though.

I hope you figure out what kinda religion you are into. just know that you don't HAVE to be like FULL-BLOWN religious. :)