hippie headband...?

so once again i tried somethin new wit my hair. lol. or my weave...which i cant to take out ! lol
anywhooo....back to the pics::

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Anonymous said...

i am so into the hippie band..my shit for this year

Anonymous said...

i like it on you!
i've been looking for one (out of f21) but i haven't come across any yet.
idk how it will look on my because my hair only comes a lil past my shoulders & the girls i see that rock em have super long hair.

iM.R0Ni said...

imma wear it wen i take my weave out tht why i orignally got it. i saw some girls wit short hair wit it. still cute. i'll post pics wenevr i do it. i got minez from wetseal. they have alot. lol i kno i wrk there.

Empress Journee' said...

Im buggin out! I remember when I use to rock hippie head bands in High school. I was such a outkast lol. Now its in style.

Anonymous said...

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