i dream of driving far. having some real time to myself in the middle of nowhere. i love driving through moutains and past lakes. makes me feel at real peace. i plan on dissappearing one day for a week...maybe two..or a month..who knows... not completely dissappear and leave my loved ones stressed `nd worried. i'll call daily and say im o.k. but they wont kno where i will be located i dnt want to be found i jus want to explore and jus "be".... but i'll show them pictures and tell them the story on wat happened to me wen while i was gone wen i come back.

made a quick collage of my quick getaway yesterday::

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keeko. said...

im sure that
will be enjoyable
nuthn better thn
sweet alone time to urself

FLYBOIZ said...

i always think of just packing up and leaving for a while but you better than me cuz calling never crosses my mind. fuck em. let em worry.