What Type Are You?

There are 3 types of relationships.

-Committed is where both partners agree to faithful with each other and to be only with each other. No outsiders

-Open is where both partners know they want to be with each other but know that they want to continue to have relations with others. Kinda like "your my #1 but not my only 1"

-Swinger is where a couple has relations with other couples

Apparently committed relationships dont exist anymore. The most popular relationship is open bcuz all of a sudden its "cool" to have a Main but still mess with other people. And for the freaks out there Swinger would b most appropriate. lol

I want a COMMITTED relationship. thats it thats all. [not at the moment but eventually]. what happened to all the romance? u kno the whole "you are my other half", Adam&&Eve. Its slowly but surely becoming just a story rather than reality.
Now if i HAD to settle. i would settle for the swinger relationship. Why a swinger ovr and open? thts simple b.cuz with a open relationship you  have no idea who ur partner if fckn or what they are talkn about afterwards or before. Your completely out of sight out of mind type of situation. But with a swinger you present during the sexual encounters [ if u have it set up that way]. Personally i would have to present every single time. I'll watch it or record either or i mean you never know she might teach me a thing or two but i'll never let another female sex my partner better than me and im sure im not the only one that thinks this way. I mean im still still a virgin [yes im almost 20yrs] but if i waited all this time jus to give it somebody who's gonna fck around me anyways i'd be highly pissed and hurt and prolly kill the fckr =D so if he wants to sex other people and i jus "love him oh so much" atleast let me watch. Let me see how he is with others vs. me. [ oh and to also make sure that trick isnt gnna try some slick talk *hehe*]

So what type of relationship would you like to have? But what kind of relationship would you settle for jus to make your "other half" happy??

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