Rude Awakening

I kno that this is suppose to be the blog i post telln you a little about myself and blah blah blah...but i dont think its all that important. after you read it if you'll probably forget and plus if ur reading my blog u will slowly but surely get to kno me regardless of what i tell you; therefore you can make up your own thoughts about me instead of me telln you what i think about myself.

To start this off...i decided to start a blog because i got an aim from an old friend who only aimed me jus to confirm something he heard about me. Thats makes me wonder how much do others who i dont talk to kno about me...and if thats the case have you ever wondered how much other people think they kno about you b.cuz of what somebody else told them? 
You never kno whos watchn you or whos asking about you, and you'll nvr kno exactly who's telln them what.

I have no secrets. so for others who wanna kno so badly about what i do with my life heres a lil something straight from the source so i can remove all doubt and assumptions. =D

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** a lil off topic but i love the title of your blog; kiddos for that