Secret Society of Cheaters?

So this was an AiM conversation i had with one of my friends about cheating. Basically he said everyone cheats. But i believe everyone doesnt cheat. i mean everyone may be capable of cheating but that doesnt mean they will actually do it.

Greg: Be in denial all u want
RONi: nigga im not in denial!
RONI: everyone doesnt cheat
Greg: I'm not saying people running around fuckin like animals but people 
got they eyes open nowadays and everyone on this I want it ima get it attitude
RONI: so tht doesnt mean everyone is a cheater
Greg: Welcome to the new world. Smh
Greg: People cheat !!!!!! Some just good at hiding it
RONi: wutevr
RONi: im done tlkn about 
Greg: lol awwww good girl mad
Greg: LOL I wonnnnn!!! This debate 
RONi: u didnt win
RONi: i jus cnt argue witr ignorance
Greg:I'm never ignorant u ignorant to believe that people don't cheat
Greg: There are cheaters and there are the cheated on simple as that LOL
Greg: Im sorry if I messed up something
RONi: messd up what?
Greg: Your myth
RONi: ur calln it a "myth"??
RONi: u kno rite now isnt the time to b an asshole

So yea tht was pretty the end of tht part of the convo....the rest drifted off else where which doesnt involve the topic.
The song i have playing is actually one of my favorite songs at the moment calld Im Cheatin by Dwele. I felt this song was pretty perfect since he may be talkng about cheatin but hes not cheating with another person. his girl has split personality so hes cheatin on his girl [the business type] with her alter ego which is her freaky side. lol which is pretty cool. seems like somethin i'd do.