Came out waay longer then expectd...

Bored so i decided blog about....nothing lol. lets see what flows from my brain. i guess i'll come up wit the title afterwards this time lol

So anyways i work at Wet Seal [ a female clothing store]. yea wutevr. i love my job i have the best managers and the best co-workers. Like i click wit everyone on a certain level and most of us even hang out outside of work. Anywho my fav part of wrk is the music, yea sometimes we play some stupid songs but we have some really great ones...and ofcourse im the girl thts bouncin around singin and dancin to all my jams ! lol which is most of the songs on the cd. lol one of my mangers hate that i dance so much or that im always singing but i cant help it.if its a good beat best believe im gonna WIGGLE A LITTLE ! [my famous phrase at wrk] the best is wen i get the customers to dance too a lil or catch them singin and i do the eye contact thing while im singin too...[you kno like speaking wit the eyes "yea i love this song too !" ]. haha i remember wen i started wrking there...around this time last year i would get the customers to dance wen they walkd in the door. haha so much fun.

But now...tht im actually doing more customer service verses dancing i realize how fckn retarded some of these people are. like they woke up and took a dumb pill like wtf. hmmm where do i start....

OMFG!! top 3 dumb questions
#1] do you have a dressing room?
wtffffff? what clothing do you kno tht doesnt have dressing rooms. i mean damn even the swapmeet has a lil cut for u to try things on. uggh
#2] is this the price?
i mean this question isnt that bad...but wen u are lookin dead at the price ticket wtf do u expect me to say "umm no ma'm tht is tomorrow temperature" uggh
#3] i have two coupons can i use them both at the same time?
NO. NO NO NO NO! this is not the fckn grocery store. we dnt double nothing ! uggh

ok so now we have this lil promo thing goin on where we have the greeter standing at the front handing out Fortune cookies [ yes real&& edible ]. so ystrdy and today i was the greeter so im standing in the front of the store constantly sayin to everyone tht walks in as i tip the container full of fortune cookies in there direction " inside your fortune cookie is a discount" or i might say "inside your fortune cookie is a prize" and like i get so pissd that some the ppl dnt even let me finish my sentence b4 they immediately reject me. like wtf? im givn u free snackabes and a damn discount and ur gonna ignore me?! smh.

Then some of them actually got the cookie and then askd if they had to open it.....::deep breath roni:: "yes, the discount is in the fortune" like really in my head im liek "are u fckn kidding me?! you nvr had a fortune cookie b4? like if u dnt open the damn cookie how do u think u gonna see ur fortune?"....idiots.

okay im done venting....lol. i swear [actually im not even sure im allowd to post where i wrk at && talk about customers all in the same place...but wutevr.]

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j e l l i e b e a n c u h k z. said...

ahhahahahahah !
,mann i tell yuu ppl aree soo remedial.
i cant standd the public,
ive alwayss workedd customer servicee jobss &&uqqhh ! im startinn to wanna do behindd the sceness shit. lmao.