bitch we the bomb.....


so its a wed nite. my bestie chellz says its a kick back lets go tonite im like sure cuz my other bestie is here and we aint doin shit tonite. [wednesday btw] so we get o my house around ummm 745 i say and decided to dance lmao. we dance till like 10 cuz we was jus gonna kick it at my house and dance instead of the kick back. soooooooooo we decide to go cuz chellz really wanted too so why not?

get the kickback made me a drink. blah blah 


so back to my story.....

sorry im lowkey hella tipsy rii now *hehe* its like 130am...early i kno...

the music was wutevr lil wayne and hyphy shit...so wutevr me and girls wanna make the best of it. so this nigga try to get at me and girl like wtf [nigga u not thaaat cute] so he made me another drink....yes i watchd his ass so no slick shittt bitch!!

so came back finishd the drink took it back to kitchen to trash it. thee nigga wantd to dance so i gave it to him....the wantd a lap dance so....i gave it to him lol i mean why not...

then my girl gave hime one....

then my other girl gave him one....

by this time niggas is SUPER SUPER on it. lmao

so anyways we dancin have in fun.....turned it form a kickback to a party. other bitches try to jock. so she dancin wit this nigga i took his hand and turn him around started dancin wit hiim....bitch so waaat lol

took a bathroom break.

chellz chillin on the couch...the bestie started givin chellz a lap dance....then i gave a lap dance on top. yess 3way....niggas on it. lol.

anywho im watchn dexter...i'll blog about that show later.

im not sure wat imma think about this blog wen i sober up lmao

ttfn bitchez!!!


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