ugh ! this bitch...

so...the post before this i ad to give away my dog.

He has a loving home now ! =D

anyways going thru my emails i come across one that pissed me off !

"I can't believe you would even say you would take this poor dog who did nothing wrong to the pound just because of whatever reasons you have. When getting a dog everyone must know it’s a long term commitment. Ppor guy, i hope your getting a lot of inquiries so he doesn't end up at the pound. "

uggghhhhh like wtf. dnt fckn email me wit tht retarded shit. at first i was goin to ignore it but...i couldnt jus let her go hard on me like that especially via email. i tired my best not to cuss and sound sweet and hurt lol

my response::

"Seeing that your NOT offering to take him in, i think you should have kept your opinion to yourself. Actually i did get a lot of responses and the dog is now in a loving home ! I took the dog so i could find him a home because the original owner was going to take him to a shelter. So i hope you feel stupid right about now, i took him to find him a good home thats why I posted the ad. I really think that was very rude of you to form an opinion about a situation you obviously dont know shit about !"

grrr. people these days.

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chavita!!! said...

what a bitch (shakes head)