So the past couple of days...

have been krazy. Friday i lost my phone. grr. all my contacts are G 0 N E. all my save txt messages. all my pictures. all my video. the whole situation jus wamps. like i can contact anyone wen im not at home. no mobile aim. none of my boo's can hit me up wanting to chill after i get off wrk. it jus B L 0 W S. but my new phone is here today. so yay.

ooh sat me and my frens wen to Downtown Disney which was so fun. i'll post the pics after i do my homewrk.

it sux cuz sunday i missd the whole superbowl. well really i watch it to see the commercials but thankfully facebook and myspace have all the commercials posted. =D

yesterday was such a crazy day. First off im at school and this super gay dude who thinks he is "THE SHIT" says hi to me and says im fresh. like huh?
i was highly confusd since i wasnt even dressed up. i askd my cuzin want that means cuz idk gay ppl be havin they own lingo and hidden meaning. but my cuzzo informed me it was a good thing =]

oh and on my way home i saw a boy get hit by a car wen he was riding his bike lmao. its funny b.cuz he's ok. he got up so fast. but it was his fault. the light was green and his ass gonna ride in the middle of the street...litterally. he wasnt in the crosswalk like he was dead int he middle like was a pretend car like wtf. ahah. but the car didnt hit him completely. the charger hit his back wheel which ofcourse made him fall. so it wasnt that horrible. his bike got hit not him. but he had a nasty funny fall tho.damn

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