Helio Ocean 2

i currently have the Helio Ocean and i love it. i get to do everything i want. i especially love the google maps feature [ i nevr get lost wit this]


Features:Same as my original but the screen is bigger. the phone is slimmer and its red. the text is suppose to be threaded now & html web browsing. im not sure about the camera but the Ocean is currently 2 megapixels with zoom. i heard[read] the Ocean 2 adds night vision. =D [i will get full use out of this feature]. oh one feature they nevr meantion is the voice recorded notes. and while on the phone u can record ur convo's lol. [ yes i love to make ppl eat their words]

Not to mention Feb.12 [wen the phone releases] Since Helio is now officially apart of Virgin Mobile [since June] my free minutes start at seven regardless if i get the new phone.


Latoya said...


[$ H A R O N A] said...

oh thats cute! and that pic of brian j white made me drool a bit on my keyboard i might have to pop in stomp the yard. but laz alonzo...thats my sexy daddy right there. lmao