independent woman my ass

this independent woman shit is getting on my nerves.

most females are gettin the independent woman meaning twisted and taking it on a whole different level than it was originally meant to be.

i swear some of these chicks be really thinkn they beyonce and shit.

reality check.

beyonce is independent and M A R R I E D.

shit half of these chicks "claiming" to be independent arent even old enough to be independent. dont have shit in their name or own shit they purchased themselves that are actually worth shit. [ ur clothes and flyy shoes and ur wack as jewelry are items that depreciate not appreciate wit time. and if u dnt kno wat tht means then clearly ur not indpendent]

independent woman was a term meant to uplift females and not to say we didnt need mean in a sense that we could live our entire life ignoring males and belittling them everytime we get the chance because we dont "need" them.

it was in the sense of we didnt have to depend on men to take care of us financially. we didnt need to depend on men to make decisions about our futures and careers. that we were educated enough to think for ourselves and be capable to make wise decisions on our own.

females need to stop frontin like they dnt need a special someone in their life. we all know it feels good to be loved. to have someone you can talk to all day about everything you can think of. to have someone hug u so tight u almost loose your breath, but it wouldnt matter b.cuz u rather not breath with them than to die without them. someone who understands you and knows you jus a lil better than you kno yourself. someone who u can fight with and someone you can make up with.

i wish i could find someone like that for myself. i dnt expect much from males because my frens and family have taken very good care of me. jus someone who can be my best friend and my lover.

cant buy my heart with money but u can with sincerity and chemistry.


Empress Journee' said...

Tell em why you mad lol. I see what your staying though.

briit said...

damn. preach gurl. thts so true =]