there.... i admitted it. my  fam thinks i need to see a psychiatrist && my moms bright idea is family therapy [wtf?!] but really my problem is them.im pretty sane to b apart of my family.[krazies].
 they say im gettin "outta control"....wutevr. my problems:

 1] the one thing i want i cant have 

2]too much time on my hands

3]my "idntcare" attitude leaves me too indecisive about issues tht should already b decided on. 

4] cnt like a boy for longer than month b4 i loose interest cuz i've decided "im bored"

5] i party too much

6] ;nd i live for change. i thrive on it. always going from extreme to the next.

7] lately i havent been sleeping at nite. and i wont even take a nap during the day anymore. i wonder what a lack of sleep does to the body....?

well i guess we'll seee how my problems "work out" in the nxt month in time for new years.

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